Friday, December 14, 2007

Colour of War

What is the colour of war,
pray tell me...

In Rwanda, it is green
April, the month of abundance
Green April, green genocide
green, the wealth of the country
the reflection of heartless bastards
Green, envy, Green, war...

In Congo
Its black,
its diamond, Its Gold, the wealth of nature
earth, black,
the colour of nature,
black,, war

In Iraq,
it is gold;

liquid, heavy, deep down in the earth
corroding the very essence of life
killing the breath that is life,
brown, oily, gold,, war

In the Sudan, Sierra Leone,
the colour wheel spins
black, red, green
the colors of war,
Pray let me know
So when one day when I cannot speak
and I hold a crayon in my hand, paint
when I will tell stories in colour
then I will freely call it black, or gold, or green….

The colour of war
is not red
Red is the colour of the pain that is war

Pray, tell me then...
What is the colour of war

Terryanne Chebet