Friday, February 20, 2009

Micah Cheresem's Advice..

The Infrastructure bond result announcements was filled with cheer.over subscription against the current investor sentiment brought quite some joy to the tenth floor at treasury.

The room was full of luaghter, from Mutula Kilonzo's "hangy pangy" show stopping statements about a new metropolis, excitement was rife.

But the new Chair of the CMA, Micah Cheresem,a former Governor of the Central Bank stole the show.

"When you see a Lion run out of a bush..dont go there, when I heard that the CMA Chair resigned, i did not know why, but I did get into that bush!"

Those were his opening words.

Interesting way to start his new role. Just Incase you are wondering, Mr Chereserem has been a farmer since 2001, and wonders why he started so late.

And to rogue brokers he said "I give you notice..if you do not know how I work, ask the commercial banks"

That's the kind of statement we want to hear, and we hope that his words will one day be a reality, sooner other than later.

Cheers, Mr Cheserem, let the work begin!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I know. I did not keep my promise on Mamlaka part 2, thing is, there was no Mamlaka for me this past Sunday.

I woke up early, 8.00 am to be exact, made a hot chocolate and coupled that with the dark chocolate cake I had baked the previous evening. After that there was only one way to go...bed.

I am not letting go of my dreams of walking down that road. I am just begining to analyse the fact that it is not as smooth as i hoped it would be, in my folly.

I now realize it is a road that is paved with rough edges, some of those being, the kind of Kenya my leaders want, rocks jutting out of the roadside representing the Kenya that I want, and there's also little streams of scandals and more scandals flowing down that road. What i then need is the strength to make it through, leaving no stone unturned.

So then how do I walk this road? I have the option of ignoring the rough edges and stick to the smooth path to Mamlaka, or stone by stone, examine the road I am taking, and make decisions that I will not go back on. The stones are many; they include tribe, a term used to deal a death sentence to another.Corruption, empty promise and greed in the high places, Places that even I, at this point can only hear of.

But why then do I want to walk this road, why should I even walk this road?

Last week I wrote about Joseph (the biblical Cutey).I have read up a little more about him , sold into slavery and rising up the ranks. I am not a slave, but i am in bondage, held by leaders i used the power in my vote.

I can be Joseph(phine). I can be the change that I want to see in this nation. I now need to Master the skills of leadership, and this means that I must have the qualities of leadership. Good moral character, cast a strategic vision & acquire knowledge and wisdom.

This we can learn if and only when we turn those rocks.

The journey that is lined with rocks, is that of self actualization, and at the end of that road is Mamlaka, the icon that leads to the beginning of yet another journey, that of asking my peers to look at change as if we are that change.

I hope you will join me.

Monday, February 2, 2009



30th January, Sunday Morning.

“F****!! Its 7.00 am!”

Those were the first words I heard on Sunday morning and that set the pace for a rather interesting day.

I promised Collins, my dearest friend (and brother) that I would go to Church more this year, something I have hardly done in most of my Post- baby life. Apart from 3 or so weddings in which I was bride’s maid, I have confided myself to Sunday school with Imani on an on and off basis, but this year, I decided to do it different.

I want to find God again.

So, the road to Mamlaka now begins.

10.00 AM and I dash out of the house, late, but the cold shower was a great idea, stung me back to life. Last night’s overwhelming events were clouding my thoughts and it wasn’t easy to stay on the track.

As I glided down procession road and up Mamlaka road, I thought about this new relationship I want to have with God. I have been here before, and then it was deep and meaningful, it was a relationship based on pure love.

But things changed, when shit hits the fan, then relationships crack away, and the once loving partners get hurt, so approaching a relationship with the same partner once again is not easy.

But I pride myself in this one thing: I did not go grey, when I knew I wasn’t on the path that pleased God, I packed up and left, crossed over to the other side, and told my Christian friends about it. I did not want to pretend, at least that’s one thing I could live with.

I am not un-godly; I just have a broken relationship with God, and that is what I intend to mend.

Worship team was already on stage, singing modern Christian music most of which I could not sing along to, perhaps I should tune in to hope and family fm more often. I thought to myself.

The rest was normal church stuff…why does the service leader always call other people to make announcements while they might as well do it? There were like 5 announcements (little exaggeration) where every time a different person came to do it! But that’s besides the story.

I struggled through the first moments of the service, realizing that I am not as patient as I used to be, and that I prefer listening to things I don’t already know.

By the time the preacher came on, I was almost bored, but he jerked me back to life with his vigor, and most of all the practicality of his message. He got me hooked, even if I can’t remember his name.

He spoke about Christians taking their place in creating a nation we want to see.

He spoke about Joseph’s appointment into leadership in Pharaoh’s Palace. He was 30 years old, morally upright and ready to lead.

I despise the leadership we have in Kenya today, even if my voter’s card was active during the elections. I voted in someone I believed in, but that was then and evidently, we are headed south. Instead of complaining and pointing fingers, we the young people of this country must take our place in leadership, and be the change we want to see.

How many of us are in a position of Influence? What are we doing about it?

I am going to go against the current, I will be the change I want to see in this country, I will lobby, I will take part, I will encourage, I will pray, and yes I will be part of the next leadership.

That is my pledge.

As I left church, I wondered about this broken relationship, and why I really went to Church in the first place. I wasn’t expecting to be challenged into something I have thought about for a long time, but that’s exactly what I found. If there was an altar call, would I go to the pulpit, definitely not, but God speaks in different ways, and I think this time around, he is speaking with me in the way he knows best.

Join me here for Part 2 of the road to Mamlaka , Monday, 9th of Feb 2009.