Sunday, March 29, 2009


Saturdays usually include a noisy afternoon in my living room, am either rolling on the floor with my daughter or like this particular saturday having a laugh with some friends.

So when we hear an altar call on TV, with Raila Odinga repeating the famous “ Namkubali Yesu kama Mwokozi wa maisha yangu”, the silence in the room was deafening, we all looked at each other trying to understand if we heard it right. The Right Hon. prime Minister was at a Crusade in Nakuru, “getting saved”

Raila Odinga is beyond Redemption.

In my eyes and those of the Kenyan people, our political class have reached a level where whatever they say or do is as good as a breeze that swiftly passes by, forgotten the next minute. One look at what our country is today and I feel sorry for the hundreds of Kenyan’s who were screaming Amen to the Prime Ministers new religious status.

“Character is the ability to carry out a good resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed.” Let’s wait and say Amen when Character finally beats excitement.

I am unapologetic for my crassness, it did not take long for me to realize that my vote is a frayed old lay, where our politicians came and took advantage of it, as promise after promise, my hope was built into a fat prize cow.

Talk is cheap. It is Mr. Odinga’s public show of conviction, his hands raised and (mock) remorse that gets to me, you see, salvation is a relationship with God, one that is so intense that your words and deeds ooze the tranquility and hope that God represents. I hope to God I am wrong in my thoughts about this, but I would like to see Mr. Odinga walking in the footsteps of Jesus.

Raila Odinga is beyond Redemption.

But I am not God, so perhaps Mr.Odinga has a chance for the train to heaven.

I don’t have the opportunity to be the devils advocate everyday, but now that our Prime Minister Claims salvation, will he be the voice of Truth? Will he be the one man who will pass a motion for MP’s salaries to be reduced to 500,000 shillings? Will he put every man accountable for their ministry with strict accountability measures? Will he steer this country to work as a corporate entity that needs to see a better bottom-line? Will he multiply the loaves and fishes so that Kenyan’s who put them into power will be strong enough to queue at the next election?

We are a religious, forgiving & forgetting nation. This is our loss and as well as our triumph. But I refuse vote for a man who does not walk the talk, it does not matter if the man who prayed for him is a prophet of God, I have 2 years to make my judgment.

This is not a tough call; it is a call for responsibility, something that comes naturally when you have the backing of an Almighty God.

Mr. Odinga has taken on the road to Mamlaka, and I want to hold him accountable. Sooner or later, we will all know whether or not the Right Hon is beyond Redemption.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


If I wasnt in there
I wouldnt have had a taste of darkness
That deep, mysterious shadow engulfing my senses
refusing to flow out back to the star clad night
outside, away from the African music in my ear

If I wasnt there
I would never be able to speak of the sweetness of darkness
in shape,form and taste
a taste that can only be described by my brain
In feelings, but not in words
even when it could only last until the sun was up

You, my sweet darkness cannot blend with Sunrise that gives me breath