Friday, October 31, 2008

Little Red Riding Mood

Little Red Riding Mood.......

I am anxious tonight, and in need of that feeling you only get in a good nairobi night club 

The girl in the green dress and big hair walks up to the mic

Her throaty laugh sends the crowd into that mood that i've been searching for

One that says says this night has just began

I sashay to the dance floor when she belts out that Afro centric  Jazz that lights up any night

The karaoke tonight is especially dazzling....

And I see him, white shirt, searching.

I follow his lead, and his eyes, they dont leave her

The Red one...

Young and beautiful, with laughter in her eyes

And she walks up to the stage for an old time karaoke hit, 

She could be a singer,perharps an actress

and in Red, something between a Godess and a mermaid

Him The Mister in white

makes no move, she, in Red, catches his eye

Red& White, White & Red

A carafe of wine is placed on her table

She lifts the glass of red wine to him

he lifts his glass of white wine to her;

Is this the beginning of white & Red nights?

Is this the beginning of a blossoming flower?

I wonder....

They meet, the colours change, she is white, he is red

Are they one? 

Are they in a little Red Riding Mood?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Loosing My Religion

Religion: Faith, belief, creed, conviction:

Last friday, I had an overdose of Brufen and something else from the chemist downstairs in my office, deliberately,
I had a tight day at work, and I had to be well, when i stopped by, Phillip, the chemist, said

"hey, long time, how are you," and i replied

"I have been well, until today"

I had not slept well, a horrible toothache kept me up.

Whatever he gave me, i took,  in doubles, and the day sailed smoothly on.

Friday night i had a toothache from hell, I went from praying to cursing,and then a lot of cursing,  nothing worked.
My daughter and nanny were away that night, and the pain felt worse, so i took off to the nearest chemist at midnight.

I got that famous "touch and go", but even with lots of touching, the pain did not go.

Every 15 minutes or so I had to be up standing, pacing around the house, then down every few minutes.

Until 8.00am that morning, I was loosing my religion.

For 11 hrs, I talked to God, non stop, he has the power to make this pain go, or even a little relief,I thought.

If my daughter was in as much pain, I would do whatever it takes to make that pain go, even if it meant finding a doctor in the middle of the night to take that tooth off.

That's what real parents do.

This morning, Robert my old friend, Suggested I read "Mere Christianity, By  C.S Lewis."

You see, It's not just about the toothache, but about life, about pain, about caring, about parenting, about love...

Questions about who Ihave known as God now torture my mind....

Am I loosing my religion?