Monday, July 18, 2011

To the Shredder

When I decided to go back to school last year in May, I had no doubt in my mind, that this was the right thing to do. I may be among the lucky few who managed to convince my bosses throughout my career that with only a college diploma in Broadcast Journalism and no University degree I could do the job. With no great paper backing I pushed even harder than most people. I read more, I prepared myself better, I presented myself better , dressed better, because without the papers, what i had was my experience and my confidence. But that was a battle i needed to get on with. Quickly.

So, I enrolled in USIU- Africa for an undergraduate in International Business Administration.The first shocker was the orientation week. everyone was fresh out of school, and all withstanding, I wasn't your regular freshman. It was interesting, and difficult. I had cleared my secondary school about 13 years earlier, got into French school, did some Acting classes, finally ended up in a media school and completed my school. I was headed for a great career as a filmmaker.

But that was then. I didn't become a film maker. I became a TV Business news reporter, not as sexy as my original dream; but perhaps just as exciting.

Through the years, I have learned, networked, and grown into someone my mother, my daughter and my family is proud of. I have also learned, that a good education is everything if I want to go where I want to go.

Fast Forward to the USIU library in June 2010. Just a few days before my first end of Semester exams, an I was studying for a class called FYE; ( First Year Experience)and for the fun of it, I decided to take an exercise the text book had. It said "write down 10 things you don't like about your life now and after write 10 things you'd like to do".

This morning I found that paper, that reminded me of where I was then. It was difficult, I couldn't pull it together. One year later, I had managed to deal with the 10 things I didn't like, a step at a time. It was amazing to see how much progress my career, my relationships, my personal growth has taken since then.

I tore it to pieces.

It reminded me that I need to exert my energies and finish my college, and to excel in my education.

I am now writing another one, so that next year, same time, I can review and perhaps move forward, and appreciate life little's mercies.

Sometimes we forget to take our time and see how far we've come, and create the path that we want to follow.

I hope you will carve your own path, and sometime next year, we can review, and smile.