Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The 4 Capitals that entreprenuers must have.

I had to share this on my blog.

Personal capital, Intellectual Capital, Social capital, Financial Capital and why you need them all.

Can I be bold enough to add Erotic Capital? I have just got the book " Honey Money;The Power of Erotic Capital" and I can tell you a few reasons why it makes a lot of sense.

I found a review on the Guardian about the very controversial book bySenior Economics lecturer at London Busines School Catherine Hakimm Check the Book Review, Honey Money, The power of erotic capital

I shall talk about that here this week, for now, head over to where all entreprenuers should be checking ever so often. The link is below

The 4 Capitals That Matter for Entrepreneurs, Employees, & Interns

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

LAMU TAMU, A Love Story.

I'm typing this post from Lamu House. A place that is reminiscent of a film whose title i cannot remember, but it was in a little spanish village. Homely, intensely romantic, simply furnished in Safari and a variety of African decor and amazing food.

Infront of me is the sea, waves crushing softly, I am barefoot because Steve Biko says it is like Zen to be barefoot in Lamu. I notice a few other barefoot people walking across the little street that separates the Lamu House patio restaurant.

There's a plane taking off not too off in the visible Manda Island, perhaps the dash 8 belonging to Fly540 that takes us back home tomorrow.

I hope I have managed to make you sufficiently jealous.


I wasn't made for the sea.

I just had a boat ride.

It is a big deal because it was a rough ride. I hate deep waters. Deep means anything beyond 4 feet deep. Meaning my head must be above the water when i stand in it. I am 5ft 1.

Finally, I understand what raging waters really means. I have just made a thousand promises to myself that this would be the last boat ride before someone creates an amphibian vehicle that's cheap and can fly all across the beautiful islands here.

I made it though, screaming and clutching at men I have absolutely no claims on.Poor Jamal, that's our guide who's hands I crushed as hung on to dear life and managed to calm my screams to bare whimpers.

In retrospect though, it wasn't that bad, especially now that I am on a a chair and not in Jamal's, (Jay)1000cc speed boat headed to Pate Island.

I digress.

Lamu, is like going back into history, simply, beautifully, flawlessly. Dreamy even. Unforgetable.

I love how the Coast so easily resonates with falling in love.

And have in many ways fallen in love with this old town; The soft waves, chirping birds and trotting donkeys Of Lamu Old Town, and the young boys riding bmx bicycles. I have also fallen in love with The Coconut chicken curry made for us by the soft spoken chef at Lamu House,the narrow streets and a the only tuk tuk ambulance. Even Jamal. The Museum staff here, led by Salim Bunu, Curator of the Fort Museum have guided us through the feature story that has taken us through three Major Coastal cities this past week.

Lamu tamu, they say. That's Swahili for "sweet Lamu"

We're on the patio, and are on our portable edit suite sending a video clip for tomorrow's news via Wifi , I am reminded, that life in its simplicity, is at it's best.

Pictures are in my instagram account, please follow me?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Why Social Media is the Ultimate Ice Breaker

Yesterday I was reading a conversation on twitter (kenentrepreneur  and someone else I cant really remember now) and they talked about how Social media is too young to have experts. And in a sense I do agree.

Social media, especially for brands, organisations and celebrities in our space (meaning in Africa) is still trying to find it's proper footing. While several people associate it with a twitter handle and a facebook page, it is way above that, it is in my opinion, what email was to secretaries in the mid 80's. Neither here nor there, butdefiantely cheaper, faster, and without the walk to post office, or to the next post office when they ran out of stamps.

But there are a few people who seem to be getting it right. Last week I had breakfast with Mark Kaigwa, amazing young man who talked me through how things work, what to do, and what not to do. I also set up a coffee date with Marvin Tumbo, he who runs the TNA online strategy(Uhuru Kenyatta). They're both the "go to men' in the social media space, and then more than ever i began to look at how Brands are handling that space, just to see very litte engagement in the local space.

We mostly have brands with twitter, facebook and linkedIn pages. very few of those engage and create conversations. Most of them are a customer care centre or product placement platform. But social media is so much more than that, for me, it is a place to build a relationship, that can easily translate into so much more for your brand.

Here's an interesting article about Social media.

Why Social Media is the Ultimate Ice Breaker