Monday, June 29, 2009


If you have kept up with me here in my blog journey, you know this already: I have a very short attention span with things that are constant.

I know that this can easily be confused with inconsistency especially in blogosphere where brand building is not just an option, but THE mantra. I love to see things from a different angle. I have changed the look and feel of this blog countless times, because I am looking for something I am yet to find.

I get tired of status-quo, at home, at work, with my food, my look ...everything. I even get tired of seeing myself in the mirror; looking the same way, everyday. Being on leave (or off duty this past week) gave me lots of time to re think, re focus, realize my potential in every way I could think of. I even got contact lenses:-). Hazel ones; that gave me a new reason to stare at myself in the mirror, I am told that can be classified as vanity, but I am a woman, it is expected under the feminine dynamics pie chart.Oh..and i drank cappucino, even if I swear by Mocha.

Well, I think my blog will remain as is...for now :-) ( little tongue out.)

This past Saturday, I went for Aly Khan Satchu's “Mindspeak” (here) at Westgate, (and forgot to wear my contacts!!) where Graham Gilmour, CEO The Business Phone,(website here) was speaker.

I try to take a break at least once every six months to re-charge, I hate feeing counter productive, usually it gives me great satisfaction to put my heart into my work, I love giving 120% to whatever I do, and feel extremely wasted when I don’t do that. So Saturday morning, I woke up and was looking forward to the monthly event: It was in many ways a turn around for me

The 30 min session by Graham Gilmour almost got me shooting off my seat into a corner office over looking the Himalayas.....ok, that's over stating it, but it was a chance to look at what we make out of life:

We are all in the business of selling, ourselves, products, service…if you make money, then you are selling something:

Here's a few pointers that I'd like to share which I picked out from Grhams presentation:

Third party story:
Use the third person to sell. “When I sold this Prada bag to Caroline Mutoko, she ordered for 5 more in different designs"(example is pure fiction) but I hope you get me drift.

Never Pre Judge a contact:
Graham once sold (owned the company actually) luxury boats in Australia and almost missed a 17% commission on 2 luxury boats when a young "ginger haired" boy walked in to enquire on the super boats.His employees were out having a beer, he stayed on to listen to this "kid" Ginger bought two boats; he had just won the lottery.

Recognize an opportunity when you see one.
Always look for opportunities where everyone sees gloom:I met Graham afterwards and asked this: When entrepreneurs are starting off, should they do what they love to do or, like him find an opportunity? Graham looked for opportunities and put his all in it. He sold houses, ran a hotel that was bankrupt, and now sells the Business Phone.(

Debt is good. (Personal debt)
Gets us into trouble, but it makes you wake up in the morning with a target in mind.

Set targets
Know what you want, a great home, great car, great family: then work backwards from there.

Do your research well:
For Instance, now that Fiber is landing in Kenya, look out for what business models made it big when fiber optic hit other continents. Countless Oportunities.

You don’t get a second chance at first impressions:
This is self explanatory. A friend came in this afternoon off to meet a potential new employer; I asked her if she was going home to change. First Impressions happens once. Take advantage of it. This is from how you dress to how to make your pitch.

Surround yourself with successful people:
You are who you hang out with & the more you communicate with people, the more opportunities you find. Period.

Ultimate confidence:
Faith, Courage & enthusiasm. These are three things you must carry with you every single day. Someone has to like you to listen to you, to buy from you, to work with you. Believe in yourself, you will either sell, or starve. You make that choice.

This may seem a writing targeted to entrepreneurs, which I am not currently, but made me re think the amount of energy we give whatever it is we work for, or work at. It made a lot of sense for me that morning, as it does now, and it will for a long time. We are who we want to be, it’s up to us to chart that way forward, whether employed or an employee, put your best foot forward, it is the first step to success.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


1. I can not fall asleep unless I talk to someone, and it’s got to be one that’s preferably not in my house.

2. My favorite place to be is in a quiet room alone, with soft music playing in the background.

3. I've never really wanted to be a town girl but if you cant beat em’, join em!

4. When I was a kid, I believed I was adopted because I over heard grown ups gossiping (justifying) my thumb sucking ;-(

5. My family is the biggest reality I will ever have, pure, un-pretentious and loving

6. When I was young I used to pray “ Dear God, when I grow up I want to be a mermaid, sometimes I still think I am still growing.:-)

7. I once tricked a tall boy called Macharia Kigotho in standard 4, he had made jokes about me, and I asked him to sit down for God knows why( he was so tall I couldn’t achieve my intentions), I slapped him hard across the cheek and ran off…he later tried to hire John Mungo to beat me, but my brother Ruto was a school bully, so John couldn’t do nadda!!!

8. I like to mix perfumes sometimes, and yes I picked that up from a Nigerian friend…the only perfume I will not mix is euphoria

9. This year I’m taking time to love…to be loved, and to rediscover my love for music, and people of some gender as well.

10. I have a perpetual crush on Gaetano Kagwa. I faithfully watch studio 53 to “catch up” (Got over Tevin Campbell)

11. When I was in form 1, my aka (in my high school books was Terri Campbell.

12. I tear up at everything including that Omo advert where the little girl throws a birthday party for her mum.

13. I grew up in Kitale, had Ugali of grade 2 every single day of my life, hated to go to the tinga, loved “high jump” and for some strange reason we managed to roast locusts and actually ate them….now I shiver at the thought…but I can still smell the roast locust, never smelt anything like it.

14. I seriously wanted to be a lawyer, such folly, even a teacher. Then I settled for something just as vocal

15. I’m crap at lying…. But am a fast learner

16. I love to sleep when it rains, am a hopeless romantic, I still believe in flowers& chocolate and white picket fences.

17. I have an addiction to something I cannot talk about…no it’s not illegal..and it’s not in the form of white powder.

18. I remember a scene in primary school when I had a newspaper to read to a teacher in standard one so I could be pushed up to standard two with Anne Tonje, then my parents refused, and I cried for a whole week ( I still cry) I would’a been a year older (teheheh)

19. I have a sixth sense, and I don’t believe in it.( see where it got me;-) )

20. My mom tried to understand why I did not bring (male) friends home (all my sister siblings did)

21. Then when I was older, she tried to understand when I would stop bringing them home:-)(still tries)

22. I am superstitious, very. I believe that two similar bad things cannot happen to two people who are close, if you get hit by a car. I can stop worrying about being hit by a car (perhaps I will get hit, but by a cow or so)

23. I make a really damn good fish meal.

24. I once went to visit family friends in Kisumu, and after showering, the lantern was so low I couldn’t see my clothes, I ended up wearing all of them inside out, and glided through to the sitting room with all the relaz, my aunt was dying in embarrassment and did not even say a word, until I looked down to see the threading on my top was all loose and out..!

25.My dream is to give my daughter a beautiful life, full of love , and perhaps one day, give her a play mate:-) (can be done I think)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Grains of Masala...: TALKING GLASS

Grains of Masala...: TALKING GLASS


I had a date with Lizz yesterday.

We planned for it early and made sure it was just the two of us ( Girl talk). I had a really terrible day at work and just wanted to be in a Noisy palce and really looked forward to it. So after work, I went home, had dinner, put Baby to bed and was getting ready to leave for Tamasha when a certain contact of mine had some information i badly needed. So I detoured to Serena for what I thought would be 30 mins. It wasnt, it took two hours.

Lizz was breathing fire and brimstone by the time I got to Tamasha, and we had a little brawl at the parking lot over why I kept her waiting, why I did not call to say i would be late, how I made her sit in the bar- alone..for two hours (and She is not my Boyfriend!) she actually used those words:-)

Anyway she is my best friend and I knew I had messed up, so I promised to make up for it.

Shortly we were back at the bar, laughing and catching up on our Jobs and plans going forward, love life, and the adventures of life etc.

Once upon a real dream, we used to Sing, Lizz, Wanja, Purity and I, the group was called "His Voice" and we managed to cause a little stir within the Holy sectors back in the day.

We sang acapella and moved the audience usually much more thatn we thought. Shortly after that we discovered new interests, went to college and slowly parted ways, but still remained the best of friends.

Tamsha was fun, Sanaipei Tande was hosting, and unlike Angela Angwenyi @ Black Diamond, Sana does not make it the MC's Karaoke night, she let's the patrons do what they came here to do, SING. We joked about it and concluded that, while Sana had released some great singles & Videos, she has little to proove in terms of "I can sing" but Ms Angwenyi just loves the mic! Just Bitching, But we dont go to Black D anymore.

For some strange reason all Kikuyu mean sing that "Coward of the country" song.with that intonation of SDA choirs of them days..sorry dudes, I love you so much;-), while Lunjes do a Po Po PO..reggae time "No woman No Cry" Bob Marley re mix..It's so much fun !!!



Intercont stopped their Tuesday karaoke, but if not the above and definately nt recommedned by me: tropez, Tuesday, there's Sherlocks (Prestige) (not sure when)

Have fun, expand your lungs, make a fool of yourself or get a standing ovation, there's something for everyone.

Monday, June 15, 2009


I don’t like my tea served in a clear Crystal glass, if you share my opinion, we’re on the same page.

The glass makes the drink.

The other day I met up with a good friend, Carlos at Bacchus, that’s the relatively new club next to Havana in Westland’s, touted as an upscale bourgeois lounge, judging by the number of high net Nairobi Socialites, as well as several who aim to “get there” someone I know calls it the “ Waiting to exhale syndrome”

Anyway, I asked for a dry white, Carlos asked for a whisky, (JB, Coke and Ice) which was served in the wrong glass. This here is a whisky glass.

For a place like Bacchus, it was a bit disappointing. It is not a phenomena restricted to Bacchus, but lets do the ‘talking glasses’ class.

Red wines are best when poured into and sipped out of a wine glass with adequate room. A distinctly oval or egg-shaped bowl that narrows slightly at the top, like this:

White wine, my favourite, and just learned from Carlos that the more a wine ages, the sweeter it gets. Anyway, your white wine needs this fine glass:

If you enjoy your brandy, like I do once in a while, you want to make sure you savor the fullness of a great Martel (or whatever your choice). Whether as an after dinner drink, or over gossip at the local bar, this is your glass:

I am sure we are good on cocktails? If not, check out my earlier blog; ‘how to make a bloody Mary!’

Let’s toast to that!

Friday, June 12, 2009


I must admit, I am not a sheng person. But Don’t judge me, I am not snobbish.

I have a perfect (and real) explanation.

I was born and bred in Kitale, where the closest to making literary alterations was a strong inclination to the Bukusu dialect, and examples of such words are nipeeko, unaendanga shule, kiketi (chair) and others.

And when to my utter shock and dismay (I had to use these words) the Eldoret express bus arrived in Nairobi, I experienced culture shock, ok to overstate it a little.
I lived in Buru then, with my Aunt and her family, and then the sheng began. "Njumu zako ni fresh"and me wondering what vegetables we could be talking about, in Kitale, we would say Viatu. Period.

Fast forward to several years later when I said bye to my 20's

I listen to Ghetto Radio in the mornings, By Choice.

It was a coincidence at first, but I am not a fan of several fm stations, I like good music and no talk, but of course that never happens.

Slowly I started to follow the channel, and in traffic, "the Hustle", which is a segment that brings on young people from the "hood" or mtaani as they say, share with the ghetto youth what they are doing to uplift their living standards. I have never experienced such a strong conviction on the impact this show has on the young people who listen to the show.

It’s about 3 minutes long, and goes something like this

ROBO:(Ghetto Radio): “ Vipi Kama, hustle yako ni gain?”
KAMA: (Hustler) :“ Mimi hukinda majale pale shauri”
ROBO : ‘ ulionaje uanze hii bizna
KAMA : Maze nilikuwa na kaa pale jobless corner, kuchana veve, na kuspend the whole day kulaze around, nikaanza kujiuliza, is this all that life has to offer, sa kutoka hapo, nikaanza kutafuta doe, juu nilikuwa nataka kuanza kuuza majale ya camera kutoka gikosh, nikaanza kuosha magari kwa kibanda ya beste yangu, na pole pole nikasave doe kidogo, nika buy majale stylish za ma smatta pole pole, bizna ika grow, na sasa niko na stall mpaka mtish na pia hapa shauri.
ROBO : challenges gani wo u face kwa hii hustle yako?
KAMA: wateja ku lost sana na pia bei ya mngaro pale gikosh, lakini after budget naona, biashara labda itakuwa better.
ROBO: Hi hustle yako inakubali u save doe?
KAMA: kuna times biz huwa low, kusave ni ngumu, lakini ma time zingine mi husave especially kubuild na kuongeza stock.
ROBO: advice gain unaeza wa gei vijana wa mtaa ju ya Ku hustle?
KAMA: Kile mi husema ni, vijana, we can get out of our situations, tuwache kuchagua majob, put your mind on something and make hiyo decision to better your own life, hope yangu ni, wasee waji respect na waji give credit, tuko na talent kibao, we can do it.

There is nothing more powerful than a voice of reason that has been in the same situation as the listener on Ghetto Radio, I applaud the show, and I hope, in the wildest ways that this show will transform the lives of Ghetto Youth. Such initiatives should receive the utmost support.

Ghetto radio team, you are the light at the end of the tunnel for Nairobi’s youth, keep your head up!