Monday, June 15, 2009


I don’t like my tea served in a clear Crystal glass, if you share my opinion, we’re on the same page.

The glass makes the drink.

The other day I met up with a good friend, Carlos at Bacchus, that’s the relatively new club next to Havana in Westland’s, touted as an upscale bourgeois lounge, judging by the number of high net Nairobi Socialites, as well as several who aim to “get there” someone I know calls it the “ Waiting to exhale syndrome”

Anyway, I asked for a dry white, Carlos asked for a whisky, (JB, Coke and Ice) which was served in the wrong glass. This here is a whisky glass.

For a place like Bacchus, it was a bit disappointing. It is not a phenomena restricted to Bacchus, but lets do the ‘talking glasses’ class.

Red wines are best when poured into and sipped out of a wine glass with adequate room. A distinctly oval or egg-shaped bowl that narrows slightly at the top, like this:

White wine, my favourite, and just learned from Carlos that the more a wine ages, the sweeter it gets. Anyway, your white wine needs this fine glass:

If you enjoy your brandy, like I do once in a while, you want to make sure you savor the fullness of a great Martel (or whatever your choice). Whether as an after dinner drink, or over gossip at the local bar, this is your glass:

I am sure we are good on cocktails? If not, check out my earlier blog; ‘how to make a bloody Mary!’

Let’s toast to that!


  1. And what glass does one use to drink a)lager b) bitter. Thanks you for your attention

  2. Was in Bacchus on Friday: how does an alley with little furniture become a happening place? Another Nairobi mystery

    Anyway, as a beer person, glasses have a great effect on the a drink - The glasses used in many places are thick, cheap ones (so replacement is cheap). Beer is pretty plain, so I can only imagine how good wine tastes differently depending on the glass served – and how well they are washed, the dish soap used, handled, towel etc. sometimes they bring you a glass, that was washed a few minutes before and still smells of soap residue which can be seen.

    so sometimes beer is best from the bottle (not an option for wine yet though)

  3. The Kegger is an absolute NO...NO for the "Already There" type or what do you think?

    Red Wine gives me the pukies if there is such a word(highly doubt) but who cares am high on gin "Aeeehhh ВОДКА"(Heavy Russian accent) :-)

  4. The place is totally overrated and will die as fast as it raised out of nowhere. Talking of glasses, they served me a Tusker Malt in a Bacardu glass, they just got no clue, amen!

  5. Its just another glorified dump - they won't go far

  6. @ Anonymus...for such a comment I wouldn't hide my name, gives your coment credibility.

    I like Bacchus,It's got a great ambience, may be a tad too little for the patrons always jamming the place, but the crowd is great, mature, the music is good, I only got served in the wrong glass, that doesnt make it a dump or over rated.