Wednesday, February 27, 2013

True Love Huggable Bear Campaign

Here's a cause I am so humbled to be part of; for me it is all about giving kids a chance to be kids again. Cancer robs that from them, between juggling chemotherapy, school and recuperating, the life of a child takes a terrible turn. let us come together and give them a comfortable, beautiful environment to be in.

Below is what True Love Huggable care is all about:

This year, True Love plans to provide 100 children with Cancer at Kenyatta National hospital on the 28th February 2013 with personalized Teddy Bears.
So far Safaricom, PZ Cussons,Serena, Span Image and Capital Fm have sponsored this campaign and we will ask the public for support in order to spread love
What the cancer children ward requires is cancer drugs, to pay medical bills for the patients which is their urgent priority.

Others items that can be considered include Mosquito nets (300), Four water electrical heaters (kettle), 24 Rechargeable electrical lamps, four microwaves, ten room heaters, three TV and DVDs as well as pedal waste bins.

Kenyatta National Hospital attends to over 70 cancer children patients with various types of cancers every month.

Radiotherapy treatment for cancer for six weeks costs KES. 15,000 per patient (i.e. KES. 500 per day) excluding cost of admission of KES 800 per day

The cost of six (6) chemotherapy sessions per patient is between KES.150, 000 – 200,000 per year (Note: A patient can only have a maximum of 6 sessions annually). Children on chemotherapy also pay the same. (These are excluding bed charges of KES 800 per day)

Safaricom and Capital FM social media, Capital Fm Kids club and website will push the campaign as well. We will observe the response from public and that will give us a feel of whether we should indeed visit the children on the 13th February or extend it by at least a week..

True Love has opened a face book page and it’s called True Love Huggable Care Campaign and the twitter handle is @truelovecares and the public can donate on Mpesa through this line 0715 794589.
Kindly assist to push the campaign on your social media plat form. For face book please send me names of people who will support this campaign so that we can make them admin and also their email address so that we can update on the twitter profile.

We are aiming at raising at least 2 million shillings for this campaign. Your support in this will be highly appreciated.

Please join us to support this cause.