Sunday, November 10, 2013

Nairobi Nights

Flashing lights,Speeding automobiles
Honking drivers, gas filled tanks
Loud music,bopping heads
Nairobi Nights

Packed Parking slots
Men, women on cell phones
Darting eyes, Drunken Gazes
Nairobi Nights

Friendly bar-folk, perfect strangers
Tequila Patron and a man who's new in town
Dry white wine and a dry spell stares
Nairobi nights

Curvy women, pot bellied men
Handsome exboyfriends and slit eyed women
Stilettos and dusty shoes, sweaty, humid, sexy, even
Nairobi Nights

Jameson, Captain Morgan and sexy platforms
Absolute Vodka, Chanel No 5 and cheap wallets
Men in suits and women with wanting eyes
Nairobi Nights

Keys on tables and a heated rush
Sweaty palms and roving eyes
French Kisses and chinese tables
Engines raving and creaking beds
Nairobi Nights.

I love my Nairobi nights.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

THE GREATNESS GUIDE ..a personal experience

I recently re-branded a venture that I put my heart into about a year and a half ago, and part of the rebranding took on a great deal of identifying purpose and my commitment towards developing my personal brand.

The ladies that know me well know me as the one who will do your make-up and attempt to re-do your wardrobe if you make the mistake to spend the night at my house. I am practically obsessed with style and make-overs.

With time, I have learnt to appreciate the cliche that we use quite often but pay little attention to:

"You only have one chance at first impressions"

For a long time, this quote referred to the physical: The clothes I wore, How I did my make-up, what shoes I had on and my posture etc, but I have now learnt that it starts from within and whatever impression one gives is only an indication of what's bubbling underneath. That's where the real stuff is. That's where greatness begins.

Last week I read about the 'Elevator Pitch" and I asked myself how well I or those I work with introduce ourselves and what we do in all of 20-60 seconds.

This has taken my team and I on a new journey of Personal Development and branding of ourselves as individuals.The first question we need to ask ourselves before we become great is to answer the simple questions that define who are we are.

Who am I?

What do I stand for?

What are my personal values?

What Impression does the world have of me?

When I do something, do I give it my all?

I recently picked up Robin Sharma's "The Greatness Guide 2" and it stays permanently in our humble office, every member of staff is required to read a page a day and reflect on the different ways in which they can develop themselves.

I am humbled to work with a young team that really inspires me with their energy, and being part of the team gives me a new found energy not only to provide leadership and mentorship, but also to be focused on developing myself to be the best I can possibly be.

We plan on being great.