Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013..It's a wrap.

MY 2013:

I love prams. Beautiful ones pushed by doll heeled mummies and beautiful daddies in grey button up sweaters laughing on a Saturday afternoon, blue skies headed for a picnic in a park. Because I am a dreamer. I love the musky smell of the night life with disco lights, blue lagoon shots, noisy drunks, sequined dresses and beautiful strangers.Because I know how to have a good time, and in 2013 I had a fair share of both, rule out the designer prams though.

I watched TV too. Series mostly. I like Scandal. The truth is that I have a girl crush on Kerry Washington; her exquisite wardrobe, her powerful walk and her good yet so wrong super passionate relationship with the President,her wardrobe reminds me of Lucy Liu in Cashmere mafia. I like devious maids and their interesting lives. Complex,maybe a little like mine. Someone called my life fast paced. I call it exciting. And it is. It was in 2013.

I went to Church, regularly. I prayed and I read the bible. I sinned too. But God knows I am not perfect. One or two other people know that too. I fought with strangers and received calls I never thought I would ever have to. I broke hearts too. I am not proud of that.

I have a 7 year old daughter who is the apple of my life. We play laugh read for each other and fight. A lot. No. We don't fight, I spank her and I make rules. She doesn't always like the rules and one time she told me "why do we have so many rules in this house?" I told her life pans out that way. You make a decent living by being disciplined, focused and honest. I also told her I will stop spanking her when she turns 9. Until then a lie gets 5 spanks. The other rules have their own punishments, too many to write here in. But she loves. And Loves. Deep, pure and selfless. I love her to death.

But I rewarded her as well. She does brilliant at school and I am that proud parent taking pictures of my daughter on closing day. I thank God for that. I always prayed that my daughter would be bright and I always thank God. But she is also a chatter box, we've had problems in school for that. Work in progress. When she turns 8 perhaps she will slow down. We don't do Wee, however much she wants to. She reads each night at bedtime and she prays. She wants a sibling.The Prams have nothing to do with it until he puts a ring on it. He, also may or may not exist.Figure of speech.

Complex defined 2013. Complex friendships, complex triangles, complex contracts, complex start-ups, complex relationships and yes, Complex men. But I love the simplicity that comes with complexities. It's black and then it's white. Some have been grey and those are the ones that made the most sense, what a paradox.

I also went on my first "Eat Pray Love" trip. I chose Long Beach California for 11 days.I am sitting in a new friend's office smoking Hukkah and drinking Oolong tea as the amazing team goes on with their work. Loving people inviting a stranger to sit and enjoy with them. I love that about the people here. I didn't do the beach and tour thing even though the water front is 10 minutes away.I wanted to live like a regular Long beachan and just enjoy.

I took my time away to think about 2014 and decided it will be My year to live and Love, and a little less complexities.

I start a new job this week too.Back to Citizen TV after a short stint at K24 :-) Again. Much love for 2014.