Friday, January 29, 2010


It’s 12.00am, and I can’t sleep, had a tres’ busy day interviewing international retailers on setting up shop in East Africa, and finding how consumer power drives growth even in what is described as a slow economy.

So, I am tired, very.

I hoped I’d knock off @ 8.30, but when I couldn’t sleep, I put on a borrowed Cashmere Mafia DVD and warmed up on the couch, with a box of chocolate nut truffles, from clicks, my favorite.
But I haven’t been chocolaty for a while, and the truffles, a gift from my colleague Sue, have been untouched for a while, but today, I pulled them off the shelf, and finished just one truffle.

Just One.

One of the episodes on Cashmere Mafia was one about Women climbing up the corporate ladder. On the Cover was the image of a woman about to eat, fork in hand, and a man, on the plate ( shrunk to fit) holding on to dear life.It described how women were throwing men off traditional corporate executive positions.

Here, We live in a different world. Where the CEO’s, COO’s CFO’s and MD positions are a reserve of the men and very few women taking on Executive positions in the Corporate world.

I zeroed in to Nairobi, and the hundreds of interviews I have done since my career began a couple of years ago. The women in Top Management probably do not complete the fingers in my hands if I was hand counting.

We could say that maybe this is Africa.

Earlier today, I was going through Harvard Business Review's "Worlds Top 100 Best performing CEO’s":, and in the Top 10, there was only one woman, the CEO of Ebay.

I am not a feminist, and I am sometimes the last to notice issues on gender balance, but for some reason, a combination of Cashmere Mafia, HBR and a another book, Nice girls don’t get the corner office got me thinking.

It isn’t that women are not qualified, or have no gut for the job. It isn’t the stereotype that women work better in softer jobs. We have the same education, and are socialized in the very same way, so old maid stories don’t augur well into today’s metropolitan minds.

I must admit, there is a drive about ambitious people that captures me, it is their unassuming confidence, and a passion for their work that is so infectious you want to be like them.

I have seen this in men and women alike, but I have found men more self driven to achieve.

I have been lucky and humbled to be in the presence of people who manage top organizations in this country and beyond.

I will Focus on Business leaders and Corporates:

Before and after my interviews, I often try to find out more than the ordinary questions I prepare for; usually a small chat to get settled in; and what I have seen is a sense of pride in what they do, they believe in themselves so much you have no choice but to believe them.

They are great conversationalists, and they know their subject like the back of their hand. They are proud of their work and they give it their all. They wake up early and they sleep late. They work over time without caring if they are getting paid for it. They set a target with colleagues, and when they get home, they set a higher target for themselves.

They work smart. They Play hard.

Ladies, let’s drop the giggles and begin to move on to the corner office.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January is for Laughs!

Been a busy month!

My Daughter, Imani is now in Nursery 2, a promotion that has made her change the name of her school to Nursery two. That's the most beautiful part of the year for me, coming home to do homework and take a walk , me love love love being a mommy!

She drops the most ingenious thoughts this girl of mine. One time I come home from work. Some background info first: I keep some dried roses in the toilet, I am quite keen on my flowers becuase I dry them myself and pick on what essential oils to drop in..anyway, I knock on teh door and I get no hug, she says .." Mum, do you know your flowers jumped into the toilet!"

That's one. A few weeks ago I woke her up in the morning, the conversation went like this:

" Wakey wakey...there's a bit of homework you did not finish up"

She starts making roaring sounds.I wonder what she is upto, so I ask,

" Mani are you ok?"

" Mum, I am a Lion"

" Great! Now wake up quickly like a good lion so we get ready for school"

" But Mum, Lions don't do homework, they just dance!"

That's what Madagascar has taught my girl.LOL..she does make me laugh.

But Haiti, The Ethiopian Airline's crush, the consitution, and an economy that's still not on it's feet do worry me, a tad more than they should. What's my Moral Obligation to these issues? What can I do to make 2010 better for me and others around me?

I will take it one step at a time, my first step would be to give my best to my work, my family and myself.

I am now preparing my weekly programme..and I love getting excited about it!

Monday, January 11, 2010

HERE'S TO 2010

I made it 2010!

It was a wonderful transition into this year with friends and family.

I just got over the celebratory mood and when I checked in back to Nairobi on the 4th, I got a rude welcome with a mugging incident, so much for Welcome to 2010!

So what's my 2010 going to look like?

I dont know, but it's going to be bigger and better.

I plan to be happier, and made only 2 resolutions.

1. To give my best in all I do.
2. To read more

I hopefully will blog more as well!

Cheers and all the best regards for the new year!