Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January is for Laughs!

Been a busy month!

My Daughter, Imani is now in Nursery 2, a promotion that has made her change the name of her school to Nursery two. That's the most beautiful part of the year for me, coming home to do homework and take a walk , me love love love being a mommy!

She drops the most ingenious thoughts this girl of mine. One time I come home from work. Some background info first: I keep some dried roses in the toilet, I am quite keen on my flowers becuase I dry them myself and pick on what essential oils to drop in..anyway, I knock on teh door and I get no hug, she says .." Mum, do you know your flowers jumped into the toilet!"

That's one. A few weeks ago I woke her up in the morning, the conversation went like this:

" Wakey wakey...there's a bit of homework you did not finish up"

She starts making roaring sounds.I wonder what she is upto, so I ask,

" Mani are you ok?"

" Mum, I am a Lion"

" Great! Now wake up quickly like a good lion so we get ready for school"

" But Mum, Lions don't do homework, they just dance!"

That's what Madagascar has taught my girl.LOL..she does make me laugh.

But Haiti, The Ethiopian Airline's crush, the consitution, and an economy that's still not on it's feet do worry me, a tad more than they should. What's my Moral Obligation to these issues? What can I do to make 2010 better for me and others around me?

I will take it one step at a time, my first step would be to give my best to my work, my family and myself.

I am now preparing my weekly programme..and I love getting excited about it!

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