Friday, October 19, 2012

Nao Fomadores, why you must read this post..

I have had a long day. I'm getting used to the grueling hours here, but I am also loving them. I just got back from dinner with Sammy, my cameraman at a place called Mimmo's about 2 blocks away from our home away from home, Hotel Africa.

It's a lovely warm night, a tad windy, but beautiful.

It's very safe in the City here, at least in the area we are in, we get to walk to and from the restaurant every night, now they even say hello, instead of their usual Portuguese greetings.

Tonight I Gifted myself with Vinho de tinto, dry. That's Red wine in Portuguese. We have worked hard,and enjoyed every minute of it, alongside my prego and chips, I enjoyed a chat with our waitress, who, interestingly learned to speak English all on her own. I miss my daughter.

I can't wait to get back home and hear her one million stories about school and friends. I also miss my blackberry.And my car. I miss someone who shall remain nameless at this point.

Earlier tonight, I was to have a live crossing on our news bulletin though we didn't get around to doing it. I'd like to share it with you.

RAMAH: Terryanne is Mozambique funding it's own Agricultural investments through taxes, or is it likely to take the external funding system and take the same road that Malawi took?

TERRRYANNE; Ramah, Malawi's case is a sad story of an ambitious self sustenance plan that run on an unsustainable funding programme, and worse still, without good bargaining power. For Mozambique,however, it is a different story.

To answer the first part of your question, Mozambique is not funding it's investments through taxes.

To put into context, the country went through civil War that lasted 20 years and ended in 1992' s you can imagine what that did to education and the growth of a skilled labour force, as a result the tax base remains very little.

Mozambique is a paradox of sorts, on one hand it is home to millions of poor people, while on the other hand it has just discovered that it is on the cusp of a game changing space, and it could be among the worlds top energy producers.

The challenge now is in striking a reasonable balance and encouraging inclusive growth. An interesting observation is how the government is taking advantage of not only the new funding streams but the positive investor sentiment to diversify funding to sectors such as Agriculture and Infrastructure.

Mozambique is coming to the investors table as a partner, not a beggar seeking donor funds.

Mine, and the General hope is that the growth will be inclusive and trickle down to ordinary Mozambicans. In other news,Nao Fomadores..(no smoking) well, irrelevant, but now you know. Obrigada! Xx, see you soon.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Samora Mâchél...

It feels like its been forever since I posted something.

Well, now I have something to say. About places and people and what distance does to you.

I'm in Mozambique, the country of Samora Mâchél, the man I fell in love with when I was a little girl. So, imagine how it feels to step on where he probably stepped and to listen to stories from those that adored him almost as much as I did and those that shook hands with him or even saw him on TV. Vivid memories that have now become mine too.

I love Maputo, there's something about this city that I'm yet to put my finger on. It is an old city, several of the buildings were built in the hey days, there's a lot of renovation and new buildings coming up, there's some amazing food, and there's Laurentina, a local beer that I will have to taste. Or perhaps it is that person ...never mind.

The days here have been laborious, I've been up at 6 am every morning and wrapping at One am, promptly. Editing and sending packages for our business news on CCTV Africa.

I have been called a workaholic, ask those that have dared to love me.

It isn't something I am proud of, but when I sink to work that I Enjoy doing, I sink. Deep. And nothing else exists. I will not fight with that anymore. So, I have also fallen in love with the local language, Portuguese.

I have learnt a few words, and i think it is sexier than French and Spanish combined. When God made languages, he made Portuguese, just like when he made Men he put them in Africa, and when he made women he put them in Russia. (that's not original, An African man once told me that)

Anyway, it's been exciting, a number of packages in anticipation of the Mozambique investment forum which kicks off tomorrow.

About clears my mind. It has, it will. For now. Obrigado muito. Come back again. Xx