Sunday, November 10, 2013

Nairobi Nights

Flashing lights,Speeding automobiles
Honking drivers, gas filled tanks
Loud music,bopping heads
Nairobi Nights

Packed Parking slots
Men, women on cell phones
Darting eyes, Drunken Gazes
Nairobi Nights

Friendly bar-folk, perfect strangers
Tequila Patron and a man who's new in town
Dry white wine and a dry spell stares
Nairobi nights

Curvy women, pot bellied men
Handsome exboyfriends and slit eyed women
Stilettos and dusty shoes, sweaty, humid, sexy, even
Nairobi Nights

Jameson, Captain Morgan and sexy platforms
Absolute Vodka, Chanel No 5 and cheap wallets
Men in suits and women with wanting eyes
Nairobi Nights

Keys on tables and a heated rush
Sweaty palms and roving eyes
French Kisses and chinese tables
Engines raving and creaking beds
Nairobi Nights.

I love my Nairobi nights.


  1. woooow...good poetry....indeed Nairobi ,where i always wanna be on a friday night!!

  2. Wow...I must go out more often... Great read TA. Love it.

  3. Great post! Thanks for keeping us updated as I give you update about travel

    henry thomas