Thursday, June 18, 2009


1. I can not fall asleep unless I talk to someone, and it’s got to be one that’s preferably not in my house.

2. My favorite place to be is in a quiet room alone, with soft music playing in the background.

3. I've never really wanted to be a town girl but if you cant beat em’, join em!

4. When I was a kid, I believed I was adopted because I over heard grown ups gossiping (justifying) my thumb sucking ;-(

5. My family is the biggest reality I will ever have, pure, un-pretentious and loving

6. When I was young I used to pray “ Dear God, when I grow up I want to be a mermaid, sometimes I still think I am still growing.:-)

7. I once tricked a tall boy called Macharia Kigotho in standard 4, he had made jokes about me, and I asked him to sit down for God knows why( he was so tall I couldn’t achieve my intentions), I slapped him hard across the cheek and ran off…he later tried to hire John Mungo to beat me, but my brother Ruto was a school bully, so John couldn’t do nadda!!!

8. I like to mix perfumes sometimes, and yes I picked that up from a Nigerian friend…the only perfume I will not mix is euphoria

9. This year I’m taking time to love…to be loved, and to rediscover my love for music, and people of some gender as well.

10. I have a perpetual crush on Gaetano Kagwa. I faithfully watch studio 53 to “catch up” (Got over Tevin Campbell)

11. When I was in form 1, my aka (in my high school books was Terri Campbell.

12. I tear up at everything including that Omo advert where the little girl throws a birthday party for her mum.

13. I grew up in Kitale, had Ugali of grade 2 every single day of my life, hated to go to the tinga, loved “high jump” and for some strange reason we managed to roast locusts and actually ate them….now I shiver at the thought…but I can still smell the roast locust, never smelt anything like it.

14. I seriously wanted to be a lawyer, such folly, even a teacher. Then I settled for something just as vocal

15. I’m crap at lying…. But am a fast learner

16. I love to sleep when it rains, am a hopeless romantic, I still believe in flowers& chocolate and white picket fences.

17. I have an addiction to something I cannot talk about…no it’s not illegal..and it’s not in the form of white powder.

18. I remember a scene in primary school when I had a newspaper to read to a teacher in standard one so I could be pushed up to standard two with Anne Tonje, then my parents refused, and I cried for a whole week ( I still cry) I would’a been a year older (teheheh)

19. I have a sixth sense, and I don’t believe in it.( see where it got me;-) )

20. My mom tried to understand why I did not bring (male) friends home (all my sister siblings did)

21. Then when I was older, she tried to understand when I would stop bringing them home:-)(still tries)

22. I am superstitious, very. I believe that two similar bad things cannot happen to two people who are close, if you get hit by a car. I can stop worrying about being hit by a car (perhaps I will get hit, but by a cow or so)

23. I make a really damn good fish meal.

24. I once went to visit family friends in Kisumu, and after showering, the lantern was so low I couldn’t see my clothes, I ended up wearing all of them inside out, and glided through to the sitting room with all the relaz, my aunt was dying in embarrassment and did not even say a word, until I looked down to see the threading on my top was all loose and out..!

25.My dream is to give my daughter a beautiful life, full of love , and perhaps one day, give her a play mate:-) (can be done I think)


  1. Just luv your honesty. Fun stuff that will make me see you totally differently on CNBC Africa. :-)

  2. nice post.
    you ate locusts? yeah i will look at you differently on telly now.

  3. hehehehe.... this is hilarious... cracked me up to end!

  4. I wonder if Macharia and John remember that story made me laugh the hardest. t