Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I had a date with Lizz yesterday.

We planned for it early and made sure it was just the two of us ( Girl talk). I had a really terrible day at work and just wanted to be in a Noisy palce and really looked forward to it. So after work, I went home, had dinner, put Baby to bed and was getting ready to leave for Tamasha when a certain contact of mine had some information i badly needed. So I detoured to Serena for what I thought would be 30 mins. It wasnt, it took two hours.

Lizz was breathing fire and brimstone by the time I got to Tamasha, and we had a little brawl at the parking lot over why I kept her waiting, why I did not call to say i would be late, how I made her sit in the bar- alone..for two hours (and She is not my Boyfriend!) she actually used those words:-)

Anyway she is my best friend and I knew I had messed up, so I promised to make up for it.

Shortly we were back at the bar, laughing and catching up on our Jobs and plans going forward, love life, and the adventures of life etc.

Once upon a real dream, we used to Sing, Lizz, Wanja, Purity and I, the group was called "His Voice" and we managed to cause a little stir within the Holy sectors back in the day.

We sang acapella and moved the audience usually much more thatn we thought. Shortly after that we discovered new interests, went to college and slowly parted ways, but still remained the best of friends.

Tamsha was fun, Sanaipei Tande was hosting, and unlike Angela Angwenyi @ Black Diamond, Sana does not make it the MC's Karaoke night, she let's the patrons do what they came here to do, SING. We joked about it and concluded that, while Sana had released some great singles & Videos, she has little to proove in terms of "I can sing" but Ms Angwenyi just loves the mic! Just Bitching, But we dont go to Black D anymore.

For some strange reason all Kikuyu mean sing that "Coward of the country" song.with that intonation of SDA choirs of them days..sorry dudes, I love you so much;-), while Lunjes do a Po Po PO..reggae time "No woman No Cry" Bob Marley re mix..It's so much fun !!!



Intercont stopped their Tuesday karaoke, but if not the above and definately nt recommedned by me: tropez, Tuesday, there's Sherlocks (Prestige) (not sure when)

Have fun, expand your lungs, make a fool of yourself or get a standing ovation, there's something for everyone.


  1. I agree full on about Black Diamond karaoke....limiting patrons to 2 songs per while the host sings half the list just isn't on. Haven't done karaoke in a while though, almost 2 months now, I'm yet to sample Sana as a host. Why don't you extend invites, like I used to?

  2. I agree full on about the Black Diamond karaoke. Limiting patrons to just two songs while the host sings through half of the song list just isn't on. Haven't been to karaoke in a while though, almost two months. I'm yet to sample Sana's brand of karaoke. Why don't you extend invites, like I used to?