Tuesday, October 7, 2008


  1. 'triple play'...sounds good.

    i like the way you write....is that 'third person narration'? lol!

  2. Nothing like competition!

    I await what Essar/Econet will bring for us...

  3. Hey. I read somewhere that you have a blog but now I got to get the address. Indeed ICT is going places in Kenya. And yes if it happens anywhere, then it can happen in Africa.

    Zuku already has about 40,000 subscribers? That was fast!

  4. @ Shiko,
    Zuku has 40,000 subscribers by virtue of acquring Mitsuminet...which had a market in nairobi and Mombasa, mainly the Asain market...
    @ ka Investor..i'll have to read about literary stuyles to know this third person narration..LOL!

    @ Coldtusker...if track record is anything to go by, econet is a bride that has been down the ailse too many times; but hey, lets wait and see!