Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I know. I did not keep my promise on Mamlaka part 2, thing is, there was no Mamlaka for me this past Sunday.

I woke up early, 8.00 am to be exact, made a hot chocolate and coupled that with the dark chocolate cake I had baked the previous evening. After that there was only one way to go...bed.

I am not letting go of my dreams of walking down that road. I am just begining to analyse the fact that it is not as smooth as i hoped it would be, in my folly.

I now realize it is a road that is paved with rough edges, some of those being, the kind of Kenya my leaders want, rocks jutting out of the roadside representing the Kenya that I want, and there's also little streams of scandals and more scandals flowing down that road. What i then need is the strength to make it through, leaving no stone unturned.

So then how do I walk this road? I have the option of ignoring the rough edges and stick to the smooth path to Mamlaka, or stone by stone, examine the road I am taking, and make decisions that I will not go back on. The stones are many; they include tribe, a term used to deal a death sentence to another.Corruption, empty promise and greed in the high places, Places that even I, at this point can only hear of.

But why then do I want to walk this road, why should I even walk this road?

Last week I wrote about Joseph (the biblical Cutey).I have read up a little more about him , sold into slavery and rising up the ranks. I am not a slave, but i am in bondage, held by leaders i used the power in my vote.

I can be Joseph(phine). I can be the change that I want to see in this nation. I now need to Master the skills of leadership, and this means that I must have the qualities of leadership. Good moral character, cast a strategic vision & acquire knowledge and wisdom.

This we can learn if and only when we turn those rocks.

The journey that is lined with rocks, is that of self actualization, and at the end of that road is Mamlaka, the icon that leads to the beginning of yet another journey, that of asking my peers to look at change as if we are that change.

I hope you will join me.


  1. Keep it up, i'm tracking your journey back to Church, as i'm stil a wanderer going from church to church each different sunday (there are some interesting choices out there - http://overalatte.wordpress.com/2009/02/10/unmasking-the-man/)

  2. Joseph{phine}had a purpose, even as a slave, he was the liberator of his brothers,had he never been enslaved Gods glory would never have come to pass through him. Do not look without and forget to see the power within

  3. Thanks! banks & Conundrum, The journey has just began, and the beautiful thing about it is that I am not going it alone.you, who are reading and commenting are there with me...somehow:-)