Friday, February 20, 2009

Micah Cheresem's Advice..

The Infrastructure bond result announcements was filled with cheer.over subscription against the current investor sentiment brought quite some joy to the tenth floor at treasury.

The room was full of luaghter, from Mutula Kilonzo's "hangy pangy" show stopping statements about a new metropolis, excitement was rife.

But the new Chair of the CMA, Micah Cheresem,a former Governor of the Central Bank stole the show.

"When you see a Lion run out of a bush..dont go there, when I heard that the CMA Chair resigned, i did not know why, but I did get into that bush!"

Those were his opening words.

Interesting way to start his new role. Just Incase you are wondering, Mr Chereserem has been a farmer since 2001, and wonders why he started so late.

And to rogue brokers he said "I give you notice..if you do not know how I work, ask the commercial banks"

That's the kind of statement we want to hear, and we hope that his words will one day be a reality, sooner other than later.

Cheers, Mr Cheserem, let the work begin!

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  1. He was able to tame Goldenberg, political banks and inflation after the '92 election. Best wishes to him again