Friday, January 18, 2008


I am tired of having drinks,
or a great time with your boys at the pub
Laughing and poking at European football
Talking boy stuff...
On the high stools downing beers
In brown and green bottles
Looking at the display of legs and bossoms of girls in the bar
while making inroads into the take away girl for your boys

You see if you look at me very carefully
I have got curves curved out across my body

So, listen, I want you to court me;
In the old fashioned style I heard from Aunty Jane

I am tired of shots of tequila
Then revert to a raunchy night
In the blue moon on your balcony
That's if we even make it to the balcony

I would like a good morning Kiss,
and to bring you breakfast in bed
Probably a little dessert that you get to choose
See, I have even been reading the karmasutra lately

See, I want to be the girl your mother wants you to have
To have to gorgeous babies with you
A little boy and a little girl
And go shopping for little pink and blue booties

I want to cook for you
Those exotic meals I read on True Love magazine
I want to be everything you want in a woman

See after those boyish nights, and being "one of the boys."
I know what you are looking for

But first, I want you to court me


  1. Hi sweetness of yours,
    Well one day this will happen to you. You fall in love first ;-)

  2. Read with great interest. Great insight ;-)

  3. What do you know about love Anonymous?

  4. Dear Anonymus..what do I know about love? That's an open ended question; maybe one day I will be able to fully answer it.