Tuesday, April 14, 2009


This ship's gotta sail my dear

I easily fell in love with the beach.
It's sweet and almost sinful joys that have become the envied part of my life.
But this land here I cannot call home.
From the break of dawn when the sun kisses the steady waters
the orangey touches that gloss up the waiting waters

to the dusk; that's an even sweeter sight
The reflection of the full moon with it's glittery mystery
beckoning me to experience the waters farther away
In my search for a new home

But before this ship sails
I want to live these memories just one more time
To feel the total abandon of the breathlessness of the beach
I want to lie in the white sandy beaches and play as if there's no tomorrow
to dance, to love to laugh as if no one's watching

But this ships's gotta sail.

There's a home that just might be mine
warm soil that will welcome my wandering feet back to reality
fresh breezes that invite my searching soul
But this one time, let me experience the whispery details

Just one more time before this ship sails.


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