Friday, April 3, 2009


Memories are short, mine can be especially really short lived.
But when I put it down here, and cango back to it time after time, share it with someone else, then it brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "Keeping the memories alive."

Grains of Masala is a journey through my days and nights, those i love and don't really love and those I meet that leave an impact in my life. It is an escape path too, when I am not bold enough to say it in person, i send you the blog link.

That's a perfect example of personal communication embracing technology.

Grains of Masala is also the place I unleash my anger, where I can appropriately do the bashing without the other party getting a black eye.

There have been a few changes here and mixed feelings towards this blog.

Initially I wanted it just put in my poetry and begin building a brand name for myself in teh poetry world. Then I realised my love for prose needs a home. So this journey has grown from a place where i wrote about love, and whatever (whoever) came with it, to tidbits about my experiences with people and events and current news that I come into contact with as I go about my job as a business reporter.

I love Africa, I love Kenya, and most of all I love to be part of the team that changes the way the world looks at Africa.

I since have changed my blog name from my name itself, then to "Pages of my Heart", and finally to "Grains of Masala."

I have been searching for for a name that is wholesome. Where I could pour the contents of my mind in a creative and assertive way that reflects the person that I am today.

Grains of Masala is my innermost thoughts about anything and everything that makes my life tick.

I love masala, I love the spices of life. That's why I blog.

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