Monday, May 4, 2009


I must admit..I love to know what goes into a cocktail. Whenever I am out, I make a point to sit at the bar in a place that's known for super cocktails. My fave's Mercury at ABC, Havanna in Westie, Slims in Milimani and of course Tamambo.

Usually I ask for a cocktail that I have'nt had before, or I ask the bar man to select one for me, after which i try to guess what's in the cocktail, That's the sweetest part, and knowing you can always create a new cocktail is pretty exciting too.

Anyone who likes cocktails knows what goes into a bloody mary,But in case you dont:

2 tots smirnoff vodka
I can tomato juice
few drops of tabasco
few drops of soy sauce.

Mix well..and Happy National Bloody Mary Day (dont quote me on that though!)

How's that to start your Monday:-)

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