Friday, May 8, 2009


Three days now, and I have not learnt a word of Danish, thy are interesting people the Danes, but they never get too close, and that's not a bad thing,really :-).

I am here for work, and when I got the invite from the African commission I was excited.
I had never been to a Shenghen country before and the history and architecture of Denmark is all that I knew from back in the day.

The first step was to find the embassy and get a visa in two days. It worked.
The Danish Foreign Ministry was our host so that was easy, though the Runda based embassy kept us for hours waiting for the visa appointment.

It wasn't first class treatment, but guess that's not important is it?

Even the aiport, security doubt you, or are trained to doubt you. I met some that spoke with a heavy Luhya accent.

usually it's funny, not this time though.

" can you please tell me your testination matam?"
" Denmark" I say

" where does the blane first lant?" he says

"The plane lands in Amsterdam and we get into a connecting flight to Copenhagen"

Then he turns to explain to some three girls who were all peeering into my passport,.

I lean close

" So you ask tose questions and pe keen on what the passencher is saying"

The security guy was training young girls at 8:OOpm, keeping us waiting forever to get through to the boarding lounge!

Anyway, that happened, but soon we ( other Jornalists- Henry Omondi from Nation & Robert Muchiri (formely BBC now freelance) were at the lounge waiting to take off.

Foward to Copenhagen.

The aiport security boys are GORGEOUS!!!!

We arrived at 8.00 am , and were met by Sigrid our chaperone while here, beautiful and the most patient person i have ever met.Even when we (especially Elias from Ethiopia) almost drive her nuts, she maintained her cool and carried on extra proffesionally.

There were 7 journalists from Africa: Ethiopia, Kenya and South Africa, and I happened to be the only lady.

I must say I felt quite a bit spoilt.

As I was doubling up as camera person it was quite an experience, and every once in a while the guys would help me out with the tripod, (Thanks Guy, you are the sweetest!) Guy Oliver is the South African Journalist (British (too) , agnostic, cutey:-), and very very cool guy who I already miss as he left early this morning for Frankfurt.

We hit it off quite well with most of the guys. We talked quite alot, Guy and I, he is well read and so informed, makes the best company! we had interesting chats about the contradiction that life is, (oh and he uses such British words like yea, cognisant in clear spoken english etc).

He is also responsible for making me look at Christinity in a way I have tried to avoid.

Elias is the Editor in Chief of an Ethiopian magazine and he knows everything about everything, history, politics etc, when I grow up I want to be like him.( Apart from landing in Jail for asking too many questions, typical journalist!)

So we covered the press conference of the African Commission (will write that in another blog)and experienced Denmark, from Walking in the drizzle, (they walk too much these Danes)To the bicycles, to the jogging and taking walks with their little babies, to the sun setting at 9:30pm.

Today(Friday) was some Danish holiday, so we took a walk to the shopping area in langeline, famous for American soldier boys( and I missed to see them!!!!!)Shopped a little (just to proove that we are here:- ) expensive!!!,

We are sleeping early now, we leave at three am, it's freezing cold but i put the heater on in my room so am off (to my room;-) to find some warmth.

Oh and internet is free at the Business centre. ( Copenhagen Strand hotel, nice & simple)



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