Monday, May 4, 2009


Hello M-pesa, goodbye banking halls!!!

I remember my very first account was with Equity bank, I had done an ad and was getting a cheque of 25,000 bob, and my was i excited!
Kahara (old friend of mine)introduced me to Equity Building Society and for over one hour I stood with Mama Mboga's queueing to open my account with 500 bob.

Just thinking of how far financial innovation has come.

Now the Mama mboga's can take out a loan and wont have to put their veggies aside and take the queue to pay up.

Cutting edge solutions like these are changing the way we do business, SME's will not have to battle with taking a bike from deep in the village to a banking hall at the nearest town.

A step in the right direction, looking to see how Zap will measure up.

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  1. Strange ..just going over this again..I had just done an ad for NIC bank and opened my first account with Equity ironical!