Wednesday, July 8, 2009


This blog is inspired by Angela Angwenyi's Mohawk.

I couldn't find a recent picture of her on the net, but if you saw her MCeeing at the Kalasha Awards, she was spotting a rare mohawk that only the brave can pull..and yes, I broke my recent promise that I would never go to Black Diamond ever again..Never Say Never aye?

I Had a fab time last night with Lizz (my eternal partner in crime & life, and love) and K.A , who happens to be a good friend of Angela's at Black diamond.

So, Lizz is back on Makutano Junction and was going back on set this morning, she wondered wether she should have had her hair done into a Mohawk, of whatever kind. I have tried it once myself...but lets just say, I wasnt convinced that it looked good enough on me. It looks great on Ms Angweni, and Grace Msalame also spots a killer one as well ( as seen on TV) at least I get to use that line..hehehhe)

Anyway, Here's a fab Mohawk.

That chit chat with Lizz over free (Karaoke) cocktails, took me back eons ago when I ahd a curly kit in high school..(no laughs plese, I am sensitive)..back then curly kit was the in thing. I may have grown up in Kitale and took my first eldoret express bus to Naoribi in February of 1998..but I did wear a good curly kit, and Kakamega high is my witness, I looked good! ( No I wasnt in Kakamega high..but we liked the boys in that school..and they LOVED us:-)

My cousin Mike once had the "Ray Parker". (self titled hair do, taken after the musician)Your hair was bigger /longer, at the front and the back.then the rest was flatter out, it looked like the barbers power supply got cut off mid way through the shave..if you are a child of the 70's you know what I am talking about!:-)

It wasnt just a family thing, but My sis Jeptoo had a "Slope" when she first went to high school, and boy did it look cool..slope was a hair style that was short all over apart froma bit at the front, which you used hair spray or gel to let it jut out and stand firm at the front. Cleopatra, a girl I met in high school went a step farther and dyed it .( in fom one) The colour did not last long though, we were in a Catholic school, you can only get away with so much.

(no pics available...aaarghh!!!)

Back in the day there was the afro, That's making a comeback with a bang..I like! Nappy hair though is not my thing, I think it looks great on other women, just not on me.Valerie Kimani looked super in it here.

I like the shaggy hair, looks like chopped dreadlocks, or unkempt hair, sort of like what Valerie Kimani now spots & my other bestest friend Wairimu Ricci spots these days..and many other hot Kenyan women. Lauryn Hill, who also shares my birthday:-),made this cropped look a must have.

It's amazing how versatile Kenyan women are, and I cant stop loving y'all for being the most fabulous women ever! This one's for you!

Meanwhile, I am planning on spotting a Bob Rihanna not bold enough to go exotic..after all I am a Business Reporter at the end of the day:-) ...That's where I hide.


  1. Terri, there is a picture we took in 1991, we all had Ray Parker, that pic is in KTL, we had worn shorts, i remember mine was yellow, Jeptoo's was white..

  2. Am thinking of doing the bald thing.See how that works out...wat u think? Nway....Faith..."YELLOW"...gotta give it up to you,thats bold. TC need I ask?

  3. Although am not a child of the '70s....sad to say...i remember the Ray Parker! But I love the cropped look....wish I could try it out! But the Halle Berry/Pink cropped bob looks fab! Wish I could pull it off..but clearly am a news reporter....and just like you said, there's only so much we can get away with!

  4. That "shaggy hair" "unkempt hair" "nappy hair" "exotic hair" is the natural hair that you were born with. Give up the creamy crack and embrace your real hair.