Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Just the other week I got an invite form the French Embassy to attend Bastille day (14th of July).I had no idea what that was, so, in true tech fashion, I googled it: here.

I love the French, they have this accent that always gives me the giggles.
That's not a problem.

So when the Invite came, It was adressed to " Your's Truly and Partner".
That's a problem.

I had initially wanted to invite C.S two weeks ago when i got the invite call: but, can't, won't happen.
That's problem Number 1.

so Kent, my colleague, agreed to be my partner today.
That's problem number 2.

We left the office at 12.00 noon, and Kent refused to drive so I took it to drive my "partner" to this luncheon at the French Ambassador's residence in Kibera or Kabarnet road, whichever suits you better.
Kent, in his "manly" traits, asked me to put the head lights on as we drove down 8 floors.
That's Problem Number 3.

Anyway, we had a safe drive through nutty Nairobi traffic, but got there in good time. It was quite the party! Nairobi's Big Hitters were all there: DJ CK, Jeff Koinange, Eddy Njoroge, Kwame Ahadzi of Bank of Africa,and many more.

So, once we got through the ( clearing throat here) French Military guys at the gate, embassy officials led by the elegant Ambassador Ms Barbier were on cue to say hi to everyone coming in, In French.

Now Kent Ngibuini Njuru..Aka my partner, does not Speak French.
That's problem number 4.

So, as I said my hello's..in staggering French, (Great thing is, Kent thinks I speak better than Sarkozy) Kent is behind me, trying to repeat every word coming out of the French. Bonju bonju..cava, yes, cava... and I am in stitches. Shortly we are at the bar..and Kent asks me rather quietly " How do you respond to a French greeting?"

We had a great laugh, said hello to a couple of other guests, listened to Miss Barbier's short and sweet speech on "Fete Nationale" 'had a great lunch, Champagne, and made our way back to work.

At least that was the plan.

when we got to the car the lights were on..and the battery, soon we found out, flat. I have no jumper cables.

The 12 drivers I asked at the parking had no jumper cables, neither did the cops parked near the end of Kabarnet Road. A couple parked near us are about to leave, then the gentleman says
" You now, when you parked, and you were leaving, I saw your lights on, and I dont know why I did not tell you that"

...aaa..very helpful Thank you. He did not have jumper cables as well.

I managed. But my feet and black shoes at this time are a sweet dusty colour,I looked like I had been weeding the whole morning in Kiambu.

Anyway we got back to work, polished and smart,(or camouflaged)

Moral of the Story?

A partner is a partner. Kent is not it.
Leave the head lights on? Better buy a manual car that can be pushed & A jumper cable can save your sorry behind on the dusty Kabarnet road on the 14th of July.

Joyeuses fĂȘtes!

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