Friday, August 7, 2009


I think It's a Kenyan thing.

We like to say sorry about everything.

I wonder, because I hear it everyday.

Is it the way we are socialized? Does it reflect our personality traits. Are we so attuned to being the first to apologize about everything and anything?

"Sorry" here,by the way means a totally different thing from " I am sorry" especially in reference to Partners (spouse or other) we harldy say sorry:-).

You dont think you say sorry enough? Ask a Non Kenyan, you will be shocked! Sorry subsitutes for everything.

You only need to look up the word sorry to relize just how badly we use it.

It's not World Sorry Day, and I am not saying sorry today.

Even when I should..checking synonyms now...

Mad Love,



  1. Sorry – apologising (I’m late…stood on your foot or have said something wrong)

    I use it quite often out of habit I guess and I hope it is out of courtesy. Does it really matter if people think I’m a well mannered? Maybe it projects weakness? (I assume that’s what you mean)
    AND it irks me when I see no one in Nairobi seems bothered about courtesy – I advocate more usage of this word. I think we need more genuinely SORRY people to maintain sanity in Kenya. Of course out of remorse/regret rather than over things I have no control over.

    SORRY that’s just me. Interesting thought worth more pondering over.
    We need a World Sorry Day good idea!