Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dear Ms Clinton


Now you know why Kenyan ladies have a reputation for looking good :-)!

Your hair looked lovely too. Welcome to Kenya. (But the traffic jam we got here...another story for another day)

I listened to your speech today, intently.

You asked Africans to get to the basics of Responsible Governance.

But, here, you know there is no such thing as a Responsible Government.

You see, Responsibility comes with Maturity, but look here, we only a 45 year old Nation, and still growing. Pardon the Pun, I have been told by my dear friend Vuzi I am the product of over colonization.

You say Greed & corruption are the common currency.

You know by now about the book “It’s our time to eat”, the people we put in power have 5 years to get rich quick. But comparing this with currency is actually a tad of an over emphasis. Some of us actually work for a living. The Majority of us at least, that majority here means about 95% of the population.

Tough talking or not, we have made great strides in pushing our economies forward.

But we also know that we need to get it right from the Top of the Political Pyramid.

The Private sector has fought the good fight, and there is no other reason why Africa is still posting growth when the US & Other developed markets are stunting.

The US is over 200 years old, your government had time to grow and mature into a country that’s learnt from its mistakes. I am not saying we are right by being corrupt, greedy, irresponsible, warlike, rapists who care nothing about women.
The issues are deeper, and we are learning as we go along. Cut us some slack.

To my fellow Africans :

This is probably the most incoherent blog I have ever posted, but, I am just saying. Man, why do we have to be told what we already know anyway? Why do we clap in joy when Patronizing sentences are said to us? We know what our country needs? Where is our pride?

( Honestly, I feel like our Top Three need to read the “48 laws of Power”)

This is the voice of a Proud African Child, who does not like being told to “Shut up & eat your food”.


  1. If only she could read this

  2. Tamaku on thegaykenyan blogspot introduced me to your blog through one of the postings on his blog and indeed it was/is a real gem. Your writing style is amazing. Im a tad bit disappointed that you have moved to twitter which I have obstinately avoided.
    So long though. There's still so many earlier posts that will keep me busy!


  3. @ Ajo, Much appreciated, Thanks. Twitter..dissapointed? why now? It's a good tool. That's what it is for me, a source for information and (quick) twits of what's happening where in 140 words....But I am still blogging, won't be going away.I hope you will be back.

    @Tamaku..Thanks for the vote of confidence.