Monday, August 10, 2009


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I would perhaps be the worst person to write a headline like this. What with my broadcast media background and where new media has placed entrepreneurs keen on exploring the possibilities that digitalization comes with.

But I am writing from a very personal perspective, about things that mean much to me now, and how much the digital age has erased the little romanticism still lingering on the corners of this earth. I am on one of the corners, the biggest one perhaps and hold so much value to flowers, cards, letters & even postcards, yet I am in the cast in the middle of SMS, email, twitter & Facebook.

Is long distance relationship the same as online dating?

Online dating is the route through which one finds someone on a social relationship site. Several times, it’s intercontinental, and Communication here is based on in-boxing within the site, and when either Party is comfortable, then they move on to email, then to personal cell numbers & eventually a meet up, and a “relocate” if they are agreeable to leave one’s country to Join the other. It happens. I have proof that it does, however much of a debate it could draw.

So how about long distance dating? Is it still called online dating, based on the pure fact that only new media bridges the gap.

For partners that been together for a while, perhaps online dating would be a bit over emphatic, but if it’s a new couple, recently met, I battle with the right way to describe it.

I’m I in a state of miscommunication?

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