Tuesday, September 22, 2009

MY COPPER BELT DIARY (Compiled in Nairobi :-)


9.00 am, had an interview with the PS in the CopperBelt Province, after that I met the fastest Chinese man on the planet, we went to his smelter after getting assistance from the PS.

Was great fun talking to both gentlemen about how the Zambian Government has taken on attracting investors via incentives..and one stop shop for investors, much like Susan Kikwai's Kenya Investment Authority, but perhaps one that works faster.

My Point: Between the time Kenya Airways wrote a request letter to set up shop in Ndola, and the first flight, was 3 months. we say doing Business in Africa is diffcult, lets also paint the true picture, that some governments are working faster tha others at it, and realise the importance of ease of doing business.

Kenya apparently dropped in it's ease according to the World Bank and IFC report for 2010, I hope we can learn from the likes of Zambia just how much we can encourage much needed foreign capital inflows into our economy.

This and other shoots with investors and players in the Zambian economy, with the 29 degree heat, and no sunscreen got us a well packaged story. ( shows on East Africa Business Report this week)

Work went well, so did after work :-)

Just a pointer, Lusaka is just the place to be; Stayed at the Taj, had a great salad for dinner, went out to Raphsody's and later to 101, if you do drop by Zambia, now you know where to go!

Oh! I did learn a word or two. Mukuba means copper in Pemba -common language in Z.


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