Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Copper Belt Diary

Right now..under intense pressure, it's a bit slow, i must deliver for jobo..and some things are not working as I had planned!

Anyway, Kenya Airways landed in Ndola, the copper belt of Zambia, and I was on the inaugural flight.

The launch was quite succesful, from start to finish of this plan took 60 days. KQ gave the Zambian govt the plan, and in three months, Ndola becomes Kenya airways 44th Route. commendable to the Zambian Govt! Now that's why red tape must go..hope other govts learn from this one!

While here I will be looking at the impact of this on trade relations, opportunities here for investors, speak with some (Kenyans - East Africans) here on ease of doing business, barriers to entry, etc..

Catch up on CNBC Africa this week! Number one done. Will drop a line tomorrow. Lets hope it will be a faster day!

Cheers peoples!

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  1. aaah (jealousy) do enjoy the trip bring back copper cups & stuff to sell