Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What a good spa and a pink phone have in common

Just got back from the Illuvial Pink Nokia Launch, sitting infront of my TV wondering if I should be catching up on my beauty sleep after a day of stock market reviews and quite an interesting chat with Seni Adetu, Group Manging Director of East Africa Breweries, which comes on this weekend on East Africa Business Report.

Anyway. 18:00 hrs, and a bit glammed up later I found my way to 101 Manyani East, the Aromatics spa. I've got good memeories of a hot stone massage there, and was looking forward to being at the spa again. There's something about a relaxing place that keeps you wanting to go back, even though hot stones were not to feature this time around.

The illuvial Pink, is where Nairobi's Socialites, Media Beauties, and (some)Celebrities were tonight. A cosmopolitan cocktail served as the welcome drink and the very feminine ambience in Fushia's and black got the mood going. Homeboys were on the decks and Ms Kui Kalinga Ndavi (who I dont like very much after she adorns 'the most amazing Tanzanite ring I was really eyeing a couple of months back) excuse the deviation!!

So, the Illuvial Pink were unveiled by a very elegant Dorothy Ooko,as the likes of Pinky Ghelani, Misiko Andere, Laura Walubengo, Christabel Odada of Samantha Bridal and Mina Sally of Forever 18 and your's truly talked phones.

We had an interesting discussion with Christabel & Mina about how marketing dynamics have changed from talking to the masses, to bringing your target market right where you are, and speaking to them, in the chic, pink, light language that they would like to be spoken to; and how products today will have to develop with the tastes of the consumer. We no longer operate in a one size fits all market, and whether it's the Nokia 6303 with a really great ad, or the 5530 Xpress Music or the Nokia 6700 classic, It's got to appeal to the buyer in the most personal way possible.

The Illuvial trio hits the markets next week, and it will be interesting to see how the ladies take that up..

Alrighty! Bedtime now!

Let's catch up when you have watched East Africa Business Report this weekend..or if I have another eventful weekend! (I plan to:-)

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