Friday, March 26, 2010

Just a share of your dreams

Friday is here, and while you speak of milk, honey and scoops of tiramissu
I am afraid that the weekend may walk to slow
when I have learnt to make my weekdays busy
busy enough to forget what tugs at my heart

It's not picket fences & giggling voices
or painted countryside houses with lillies and poison Ivy
It's deep & dark, and many times scary
dreams, that I have learnt to tuck away

Dreams, of nightly escapades
frothy Fridays @ the Brew Bistro and tequila at Havanna
barbequed lambchops spiced with love & laughter
and stories that are forever etched in my memory
I have forgot; and cannot retrace my steps

I lost a dream,
But I see it coming
I feel it coming
I know it's coming
But I fear

Give me just a share of your dreams

To trace me back to my dream of yesteryears

Maybe then, I will arise and embrace these new dreams, as my heart rises to the beat.



  1. Mourning for a lost dream is great as long as you dont forget that you have new even greater and more important dreams at hand Grains. Excellent stuff nonetheless.