Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Somersault & Dry Cereal

Imani is about to turn 4, in a few weeks time , and she does make my day! Everyday!

Just the other day I remember getting her out of the hospital clothes as we left the maternity ward 4 days after she was born.

Now she even asks me if I know what "nocturnal" means; and if She will grow into a big girl, and if she will be a mommy someday, and when she does, whose mummy will I be?

Time flies!

She is her second year of Nursery School and just won a prize for being the most creative student in her class for 2009. ( The term before she won " Best Story Teller" ( Don't ask me where she gets that from:-)

But it was a beautiful ceremony, with laughter and tears, and lots of pictures, which we will laugh over when she is older.

Imani is central to my life, and the more I think about it, the more I realise that almost every move that I make, however quick the decision may be, how I decide it, and when, usually depends on how it will affect/impact her.

That includes everything from making dinner, taking a walk after work, watching TV, my going back to school, (where and what time classes will be) Taking an evening out, shopping...etc..and even she insists if I am wearing my hot pink shoes ( which I adore), it doesnt match with my little black dress..she has the most amazing words" Mum, you need a pink dress to go with with your Pink shoes!"

A few weeks ago I asked her to go for a walk with me after work, and she was watching a nursery rhyme DVD, the conversation was something like this:

Mum: Imani will you go for walk with me?

Imani: No, I am watching my DVD.

Mum: You haven't missed me today? come, we will run together

Imani: Ok mum, why dont you go change, and when you are ready, come get me in the leaving room, then we can go.

( Pardon me, but for a minute there I was tongue tied. She is growing up (fast), and has a mind of her own! and I love the confidence!

Now she loves Somersaults & dry cereal; I wonder what it will be in another few weeks! ( I hope it will be veggies - tough luck!)

Perharps this is a note I hope she will one day read. She is my Joy, the reason I live, the reason I work (smart), and the core of my happiness.

I love you baby!

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