Monday, October 25, 2010


...when walking anywhere around Nairobi, at any time, any day, anywhere; On the streets, in the office, in the club: you are bound to notice ladies spotting these sandak shoes from Bata.

Apart from the black high wasted pencil skirts and shiny blouses that have become everyday sightings in Nairobi, these sandals have reached tipping point. The last time we had a "Kenya uniform" was back in the day when it was hip to have a Boho look, the long crumpled-ish skirts that every young lady either had, or wished they had.

what's in a trend?

A friend says ladies in Nairobi stick to trends as if their lives depended on it! I agree. Trends drive Nairobi's fashion space.

Much as I believe in being classic other than trendy, its easy to get sucked into trends, especially when it's about shoes! The gladiators heels are still in, the gladiator sandals still rock, but i wonder what happened to kitten heels and blockies!!

Bata's reached its tipping point since the Safari Boot, and yes, I've got my grey pair and I need some for my little diva..


  1. Those plastic sandals. Every time I see someone in them, my 1st thought is 'smelly feet'.
    My 2nd thought is 'why didn't she just wear slippers?' -here I admit bias, though; I grew up in Mombasa and Sandaks were just what everybody wore at the beach...only!

    That said, I swear by my Safari Boots. And yes, my Crocs too! :-)

  2. I too folded into the trend *big-sigh* but I shall only have one pair & one pair alone! :D