Monday, March 21, 2011

Mummy 101

Which mum wouldn't want to receive something like that from their 4 year old who is just learning to write?

This weekend saw lots of Baby-Mummy and more family time in Kisumu. My nephews and nieces also had quite the fab time, with my daughter asking my sister the host, if she could see the cows two minutes after we were welcomed into the house. My sister does not keep cattle, but Imani thought we were at my mum's in Kitale, gave us a bit of a laugh there, something that carried on throughout that weekend. I'm still trying to make her understand why Kisumu is not Kitale and why Kitale is not close to Nairobi etc. I guess distance is still a very complicated issue to a 4 year old.


Saturday afternoon the kids stayed in to write, colour and play. They are at the level where they're just learning sentences and how to write stuff.

The older boys wrote sentences from a book they had, and( I must digress)my nephew Kipkoskei has the most beautiful handwriting for a 6 year old!

Anyway, they start to read out loud each others sentences, and Kip picks up Imani's. I was in the next room so i could hear quite well without having them know that i was listening in.

It said 'Imani is in Love'

After getting over the shock of what I'd just heard and attempting to compose myself for the best approach, I went into the room and I asked her if I could see what she's been up to,She handed it to me with a very cheeky smile.

I read it loud and asked her is she is in love...she giggled and ran off.

I still don't have an answer, and she wont tell. She is 4 years old, how do I ask her if she knows what being in love means? Or should I really?


  1. I wish my 3 year old daughter (also called Imani) would write that and replace mama with Dad! Isn't it a joy watching the kids grow up? Quite a refreshing blog that I just discovered, I hope to come back more often...

  2. Otieno, stop cyberstalking me :). Imani loves you too...she will let oyou know when she becomes a teenager :)

    Methinks you should let her discover the joys of being in love. Unless you can explain it without including all the nasty that comes with heartbreak and shatter her little heart.