Monday, March 21, 2011

Who will pick you up at the airport?

That's a question i got from my 5 year old nephew last evening who sat next to me on the flight back to Nairobi after a great weekend in Kisumu, with my sisters and their families.

They; (My nephew, his mum and younger sister) were getting picked up by their dad.

I told him I'd packed our car at the airport, and it would be more convenient for us, but i do know that it it was issues deeper than the availability of long term parking that he was asking of.

I duly reminded my daughter that we had parked at the airport and offered her a new topic to avoid further discussion.

Sometimes a family unit is Father, Mother Child. Sometimes is Mother and Child. Sometimes its a father and Child.

Sometimes its a phase. Sometimes its permanent.


  1. And sometimes, its all it needs to be :)

  2. Well in family...its not the numbers - its the chords that count ...actually the fewer we are the stronger the chords - jus baby gal doesn't know it yet.
    Trust kids to ask "capital Q" questions - they make the best journalists don't they?