Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dear America

I always wanted to say that :-)

Anyway, I have learned a few things about Americans while here in DC.

Its been a beautiful experience.

The public transport system is amazing, but someone needs to build the Americans faster escalators. Don't get me wrong, they work just great, especially in the subway, but these Americans can't just stand in one place and wait for the escalators to reach the destination, they are always running up and down the escalators!

Relax, Dear Americans, unless the escalators is part of your work out..take a break, stop...for a minute or two..or take the stairs....


  1. DC is unique in having a great urban train metro system, that does not extend to other American cities

  2. Do you mean elevators or escalators? Life is fast on this side of town, no one has time to wait in one place. If you can save a minute and put it to good use why not.

  3. Dear American ( anonymous) I loved DC. And yes, escalators. Not elevators. Thank you.