Monday, June 6, 2011

Finding my Mojo...

Its been a while! I've missed dropping by here, then again i really have no excuse for not stopping by. or not.

My blog has become my happy home.

I have learned that unless I am inspired, happy and settled, I cannot find the words or the time to come up with something to write, good or bad.

Lately, there's been too much to handle and I didn't manage it well.instead I let myself get frustrated with things that I shouldn't have paid any attention to.

I turned a year older two weeks ago, but I couldn't do my usual growing up post.

I hate that point in life.

I appreciate that one cannot smile unless you know how it feels for tears to sting your eyes. But sometimes, when you let that sting moment last too long, like I did, then it burns you inside, and with that, the very things that define who you are begin to wear out, and you begin to question the direction your life is taking, a defeatist approach of killing the mosquito with a hammer, instead of dealing with the problem.

I dealt with it eventually.

I learned that happiness does come from within, and however much you attempt to cover up with a smile( and I'm great at it)you will never let your star shine.

I learned that life throws our way challenges that should make us stronger, and that's where the focus should be.

I have learned that dwelling on the bad makes you a sad person,life is too short, laughter is a healer.

I have learned that prayer works. My prayers are short, and they work. God Listens.

I have also learned that I need my creative juices continuously flowing for me to actually do my work.

I have learned that if something is worth doing, then its worth doing well.

I've learned that I've got a strong support system, friends that would take the bullet for me, and a mentor that teaches me that values are everything, and that thick skin will take you far.

I've got my Mojo back, the bang will follow shortly.

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