Monday, August 15, 2011

The Proverbs 31 woman is not an Employee :-)

Happy Monday!

Today's blog is inspired by a conversation I had with a close friend of mine of what we, as women ask God for when we're praying for a good man and an enjoyable life. Do we ask for too much from God? This was in regards to both material wealth and in our relationships? More jewellery ( Pearls & Gold) more shoes, a bigger and better wardrobe? And, in wanting these things, does it mean we are not content with what we have?

This, I think is fodder for deep discussions- we keep wanting more, yet, many times, we can live with what we have. As we chatted, I made reference to the Proverbial and seemingly impossibly impressive woman of Proverbs 31; I have come to know this woman through a book a friend bought me on my birthday in May this year.

So I'd like to share this extraordinary woman with you. I strive to be like her, many of us do, but every time I read this amazing book, I wonder if ever I will be like her in this corporate world.

Here's some excerpts from Proverbs 31:

She looks for wool and flax
And works with her hands in delight.
works joyfully

She is like merchant ships;
She brings her food from afar.
goes extra mile to get choicest goods

She rises also while it is still night
And gives food to her household
And portions to her maidens.

She considers a field and buys it;
From her earnings she plants a vineyard.
enterprising, prudent with money

She girds herself with strength
And makes her arms strong.

She senses that her gain is good;
Her lamp does not go out at night.
good steward

She stretches out her hands to the distaff,
And her hands grasp the spindle.

So for the heck of it..let me know what you think. Is the proverbs 31 woman an employee? Can today's corporate woman be a Proverbs 31 woman?


  1. She is self employed, she is a stay at home Mum, she is a corporate woman. 'Whether this woman would be a computer programmer, a concert pianist, a mother, or all three, she develops her talents and hones her skills through education and diligent application.' taken from

  2. Hey TerryAnn,

    My name is Chris, I am Kenyan, 25 years old and doing my PhD in the US. I am a very principled gentleman it has taken self grooming of more than 6 years to build the Character that I have always wanted! I work in a very competitive environment- Ernst and Young, where as much as productivity is key, the character of most productive employees leaves a lot to be desired. I believe in Love, I am looking forward to be a Great Husband, A responsible husband and a Inpiring mentor and the environment that I dwell and operate in would take this ambitions with a pinch of salt! Having said that, what drives me to achieve this is the fact that I have strong personal value system,and its only me who can create the kind of life that i want (Based on christian Values):you may be advised here that Value system are PERSONAL.
    The proverbs 31 Woman is a Benchmark, While few may actually reach that level, the Text gives an Insight of the Potential a woman. It elaborated the kind of standards that evolve around this kind of woman. So i believe its not an Insant coffee soloutin but a process that actually takes discipline. Discipline is doing the right thiings even when you dont feel like it. My insight is, the process of being a proverbs 31 woman is what matters- It will involvea lot of personal sacrifice. So Whether you are an employee, an employer, a student, a servant or a mother, the constant variable is this: What are your Value systems.

    Think about this- If the Man is the Head of the Family, and the proverbs 31 woman has set this high standards for the Woman, How about the Man who a proverb 31 Woman submits to? Dont you think his standards are way higher than the womans? Think about it? We too have a Challenge!!

    Have a blessed evening TerryAnn.


  3. provided she doesnt have to wake up super early- all the rest is cool!! :)

    okay, i'll think about it seriously and comment!


  4. Taken woman can match up to these qualities! However taken in context I think these are attainable.
    The Prov. 31 woman of the 21st century is indeed a career woman. She knows how to balance between her work and family obligations.
    She realizes that running the home cannot be delegated FULLY to the domestic help...however she can issue instructions on what needs to be done and ensure strict adherence to the same.
    She knows the man is the head of the home and gives the respect due him.
    She accepts the societal roles for both genders and seeks equity not equality as equality (for both genders) is a pie in the sky ideal!

  5. Thanks for the contributions! Shish, I feel you on the early risers! Chris, that's a great point you raise, if the bar has been set thus high for the woman, how much higher should it be for the man? Zik, it is about a balance. I ditto that fully!Flora, I totally agree!

  6. It's quite attainable. I was married to one whom fitted that profile albeit in the present context, yaani, she wouldn't seek wool and flax, but i can say most of what I wore, she picked it out for me, and it always turned out good, going by the many compliments received. It serves as an outline whose moral teachings are timeless, and which ultimately find their expression through all times, in a woman who allows her character to be cast in that mould.

  7. love this particular blog,i do believe this lady is an employee an employer and a good business woman.if you look at her she is an enterprenuer she see's an opportunity and works towards archiving it.funny enough this is a typical kenyan lady both in urban and rural kenya.

  8. @uncojimi just wondering what happened to your woman because you speak in past tense, i.e. "I was married to one..."

  9. The proverbs 31 woman is an embodiment of what qualities we should look for that is; more than what meets the eye.

    She may appear as an employee to some (those that have little foresight) however it is this values that make the person to last a lifetime.

    The article is well articulate and adding more would alter it.

  10. @MummyTales- What happened to my Proverbs 31 wife is that she went to a better place, with Jesus Christ. She passed away a year and a half ago. Thanks for asking. uncojimi

  11. @uncojimi -God rest her soul.Pole for the loss. God bless.