Monday, September 5, 2011

Country homes and a tooth fairy

Why do you work?

Whenever I ask myself that question; I find myself skirting around.

First, I work because I am expected to have a job. I am expected to have a job so that I become independent, have an income and provide a comfortable life first for my daughter, myself and my family.

Several times, it’s a struggle. We work to pay the bills, and that becomes what life is all about. But is life really all about this?

Every once in a while, those that can afford go on holiday either in the country or abroad travel, that’s when they take their time to enjoy the hard earned money. But many times, event those that can afford it are too deeply engrossed in trying to make more money that they never really enjoy it.

So what is life really about?

This weekend I traveled with a group of friends who believe that life is what happens when self actualization happens. That happens when you stop living only to pay the bills, and begin to live to enjoy even the little money that you can spare in order to smell the flowers.

Is it about financial discipline?

Yes, but it is also about lifestyle decisions that you know will positively impact your happiness.

It doesn’t have to be a trip to Paris, or a weekend in Diani. It could be an afternoon at the arboretum, a picnic with your children at the Ngong Hills, Breakfast at Java, or a country home in a place that warms your heart. Just find one thing that takes your heart and mind away from work, and enjoy the little mercies of life.

So perhaps life is what happens when you’re happy.

And in other news:

Imani has officially joined the Mapengo club. Her tooth is safely under the pillow as we wait for the tooth fairy to come tonight and exchange it for a coin.

Have a great week!


  1. Interesting, congrats! to the little gal av grown fond of. op the tooth fairy comes.....

  2. Thanks Tabitha...hope you drop by again the blog soon