Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I got a postcard from Reddy Kilowatt

Dear Reddy,

When I got home for lunch today, I found this postcard in my bedroom- addressed to me, your employer. Plain, white and black, but it was really good to hear from you. Especially in the form of a post card!

The last time I received a postcard was from Norway,no, he traveled to Paris and sent me another one from there. Beautiful cards that spoke volumes of the cities he who shall remain nameless traveled to.

Postcards always get me nostlagic, but guess what, many times, Postcards usually carry good news- and when you're arrived, for some reason, I wasn't sure it was going to be good news. There's been no good news from you in such a long time- so the excitement and show off session that usually follows the receipt of a regular postcard (usually complete with a stamp from a foreign country) was really not there.

But Reddy, that's not why I'm writing to you.

Despite the fact that you told me you'd be busy on some power lines that affect me supply on Thursday, I'm actually a bit touched by your concern, more so, your new way of showing this concern. It works for me. I like postcards, I like the fact that the notice came to my doorstep, and you did not assume I read the dailies on the days that you post notices of power disruption.

Today I choose not to wonder how the printing of all these postcards will cost you, or how long you can maintain this new way of building our relationship, but I choose to say that you have managed to catch my attention, in a way that no representative of a public company has in a long time.

You called me your employer today- i also hope that since we know that our relationship now henceforth can be based on the respect that defines this relationship we have.

Thanks Reddy, I would like to receive another postcard from you sometime, but hopefully one that will not be about a disruption, but one about electricity rates coming down.

Once again, I loved the postcard!

Regards, Boss Lady.

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