Friday, February 17, 2012

Lost for words.....Happy New year..its not that late is it?

The new year started with quite a bang for me.

I changed stations, and Im now working with CCTV Africa. It's been an amazing few weeks telling Africa's positive stories. CCTV International broadcasts throughout the world, and I work from the Nairobi studio's which is the headquarters for Africa.

We have a one hour News Bulletin, Africa Live, within which I host ' Bizz Africa. every Monday to Friday'.

Here's a sneak peak of what we do

The new experience has been amazing, you know what they say about fresh starts!

Imani is now in Standard One, primary school, and she makes me proud!This morning she was explaining to me the difference between a turtle and a crocodile, and this year, her wishes are that we go to Mombasa and America in December, and she hopes she can finally be able to play her guitar, the lessons have been tough lately, but we're pushing on.

My plans for this year? Going Big!

Thanks for staying with me through this journey!

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