Friday, March 2, 2012

Way to Go Mariga, yours is a move all players should emulate.

I know nothing about football.

That's not entirely true: Ok,I know two things: That he likes Manchester United, and so I was informed i'm on that side too, and that I like to guess scores of matches based on absolutely nothing.

But, I've got a rant, that's got everything to do with football, and also nothing to do with football, depending on how you want to look at it. I'll make it short.

Last week, Kenya played Togo, we won. 2-1. One of our international players, Macdonald Mariga (Midfielder, Parma, Italy) refused to play in the match because the Football Kenya Federation owed him 1.5 million shillings in airfare dues. But Kenyans have now gone all out, cursing at Mariga for his "lack of patriotism".

Patriotism? Here's my rant.

I'm with Mariga all the way.

How do we expect Kenyan football to ever mature into international standards if we keep playing footsie with the management.

We've mastered the art of Double standards!

FKF should get its act together. It may be a new management ( I hear someone laugh about that too) But they need to treat our professional players with the respect they deserve.

Football management in Kenya is a big fat rot. Sigh.


  1. With you all the way.....When will our leadership stop this double standards?

    Let's all be careful who we put in power.......

  2. who voted for this old rat called Nyamweya? I have nothing againts old folks but those that leave a bad taste in my mouth are the likes of Nyamweya who have nothing new or productive to bring to the table. We are by all means trying to support our sportsmen but we cannot do that by running their pockets dry in the name of patriotism, they depend on their sportsmanship for their livelihood for crying out loud. This is not a past time activity to them, its their life. And to think that the PM can come on National TV and champion bad decisions such as that made by KFF and tell Mariga to be patriotic is just -for luck of a better word - silly. NKT

  3. I think guys are debating on this issue based on Mariga's side of the story only. You need to get the other side to make an impartial conclusion. Mariga is asking to be refunded for five travels he has made for Kenya matches. FKF has only handled three of the five ie home and away against Seychelles and the Togo game. Seychelles game: Mariga knew that he had an injury and that he couldnt play and yet came. He did not play, why should he be refunded? On the Togo game, just as FKF has said, of which I support, Mariga came but did not train, or play. Should he also be refunded for the same? And as FKF says, if they can only afford to pay for the economy class (mind you Tusker sponsorship had not come in then), and the player opts to travel on first class, should the federation pay for the extra cost? The jury is still out there...

  4. I have to agree with anonymous (2) on this one. As vilified as the football authorities are, we don't know their side, except that they have made some offer that was not acceptable to Mariga. Is there a policy for travel? E.g. Economy or business tickets when summoned for duty (and for a specific number of people)? Mariga can't just show up, and asked to be reimbursed out of the blue, unless this was an agreed, and reasonable ticket

  5. Thanks for stopping by! I wonder what happened to Mariga, was he ever paid his 1.5m?