Thursday, January 17, 2013

Too late to the Party?

In many ways that friend could be Ronald Osumba.

When I first heard the news about him taking up a position as running mate in Peter Kenneth's Eagle Alliance on Monday, just 46 days to elections, what went through my mind was “perfect, but is this is a perfect Johnny come lately moment!
Ronald Osumba is an admirable man, at 33 years of age.

Here’s how part of resume looks like:

Chairman at Old Stareheian Society

Senior Manager - Public Sector Sales at Safaricom Limited

Managing Committee Member at Starehe Boys Centre and School

Board Chairman at Youth Employment Systems

Honorary Patron at Gem Youth Network

Television Talk show Host at Hatua Show

Many 33 year old Kenyans will not have similar Curriculum Vitae. It strongly mirrors a man who is passionate about his society, strategically or not; a man who’s got his hands deep in the issues facing young Kenyans.

But, why was he so late to the party?

“Who is Ronnie Osumba” could as well have been a trending topic on twitter for most of Monday.

What many do not know was that he has been the chairman of Peter Kenneth’s campaign team, which begs the question, why did PK take so long to unveil his running mate.

45 days to go, and Ronnie has just that to convince young people why he should be VP.

Imagine this, a young man would meet a girl today, and will have to wait for 90 days, (The 90 day Rule) you know the story about the birds and the bees? Well, Ronnie, as he is referred to by friends, has only half of that period

Peter Kenneth’s team and ambitions offer Kenyans a professional almost sophisticated leadership that the middle class would have their ears pinned back for. It is a team that will have no problem with eloquence and articulation of matters, and perhaps, as Old boys of Starehe School, symbolize and promise some level of morality that this country lacks in numerous ways.

I imagine that If Ronald’s candidacy was announced mid last year, and he had been vocal right from the beginning; many young people would be backing PK just because of his running mate, and Ronald would have had a solid plate on his table.

Ronald was born and raised in Nairobi’s Kibera. That easily translates to a connection with the youth, in a style and language that the big boys can only dream of. Even Raphael Tuju’s acquired sheng campaign will never connect in the same way. However, that the PK team may not have enough time to grow these numbers, something Waititu and Sonko, have (unfortunately) done extremely well

The Starehe Boys (PK, Tuju and Osumba) tag will also have to wear off fast as Kenyans online continue to roll their eyes saying a disadvantaged background does not necessarily beget leadership.

Young Kenyans need to believe in someone of a different strain; a young, professional, aspirational brand that Kenya’s young so badly need to emulate.

I would have loved to see Osumba mature in politics before being unveiled yesterday. To see him speak to masses and blast away on the campaign trail, build a confidence and charisma that only comes with being a politician.

To PK and Osumba, all the very best, I would love to see people like you lead this country, if it isn't a little too late, but keep running! Or Soar; you know what they say about Eagles!

"May the road rise up to meet you; May the wind be always at your back."
-Irish Proverb


  1. Great Stuff About PK N RONIE! Aahahahaha

  2. Nice stuff Terryanne - totally agree with you.
    I hope Kenya will have a leader who when they stand shoulder to shoulder with Barrack Obama of USA or Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf of Switzerland (or is it Ueli Maurer)or Germany's Angela Merkel or Rwanda's Paul Kagame we will not blush. Eloquence and Starehe "swag" is good for us.

  3. Well put Terryanne, as an ardent supporter of PK and the "tunawesmake" movement, I echo your thoughts especially on the surprise unveiling of RO as PK's running mate. It could be a great combination, but it still leaves a lot of questions on my mind.

    1. If Ronnie was a good match for PK why is he a shot out of the dark and wasn't with him from the start?

    2. It feels rushed, I almost get the sense that PK ran out of options on running mates, what happened to Tuju?

    3. PK was in the private sector too and he transitioned into government quite well but the switch was gradual, it wasn't an abrupt announcement 46 days into the biggest race since 2007.

    I fear this may have been a costly move but only the ballots will tell.

  4. that great Terryanne

  5. Now I know who Ronnie is. On point.

  6. Great points. They definitely would be singing a different song had they utilized Ronnie earlier. Still voting for the Eagle

  7. Wow!! An enlightned piece....clearly we are voting for the Eagle Alliance in 2013?...It is also true that this shall be the advent of leadership by the better looking, which after the recent survey shall definately be a booster to improve Kenya's unfortunate ranking. :)

  8. Stacherians aka Stareheians are about 'clicks' and connections in the job market and in politics.Old Starehe Boys are notorious and arrogant. They have disregard for people who did not attend national schools. This is a bunch of Stacherians out to do things for the clicks.Loosers! I won't vote Eagle Alliance