Monday, July 15, 2013

Necessary Distractions

Necessary Distractions....

The danger of a single voice begins to stalk me

But, Will I find stillness within distraction

Did I, blindly crush and instead create destruction?

Dare I stay blind when truth is deep and in a single voice, unknown ?

I see you, but inside dark shadows house your heart

I feel you, outside a brave face inside a bewildered soul

I hear you, loud and laughing but whimpering inside

I touch you, burning with fire but burnt out and ashy inside

Dare you stay blind when truth is deep, and perhaps known?

Necessary Distractions in the eye of the storm

Stillness and quiet

Is perhaps what that loud whistle calls

Until you read the writing on the walls of your heart,

And I mine

Perhaps a fluttering butterfly was all I was

On a journey that shouldn't end at your door

Listen to your truth first

And I will follow, away or towards

But perhaps you shouldn't close that first book so fast.


  1. A personal poem that only you know the secret behind the scenes and players to.

    Nevertheless, my favourite line remains... "Dare you stay blind when truth is deep, and perhaps known?"

    Thanks for the share.

    - Dash2Do

  2. wow i love it terryanne keep it up

  3. Please make me understand it. Seem nice thouigh

  4. Lovely! How I wish it was you in performance of your poem to reminisce on the days of:

    Oh de worl' ain't flat and de worl' aint round
    It's one long strip hangin' up and down..

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  6. This poem in a way communicates to me.

  7. Thanks for leaving your comments. It is, a personal experience, cant really say it in the words that I should.'s about doubts, second thoughts and a fear of breaking hearts..Mudamba, OH HOW I MISS THOSE DAYS!! I hope i will be able to read something again on an open mic or poetry performance, William, we must be two peas in a pod, not the greatest feeling in the world..:-)

  8. This is one of those poems that will always have a certain significance to the writer but draw mixed feelings from the readers. And that's what a poem should be, an outlet valve out of the writer's heart and a provocation to the heart of the reader. Cool.

  9. Thanks Poetikally Korrect for the comments and for passing by...