Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I had lunch with an old friend today, and oh such joy catching up with him over the generous portions of Nicoise Salad at Artcafe. (We are back there right?)

Anyway, I have not met with RR for a long time as he lives in Europe. He is an outstanding creative and avid traveller whose stories always make me want to wake up a girl with a travel itinerary that starts in Tanah Lot in Bali, to the Tunnel of Love in Ukraine.

He makes me set my dreams high, to plan my life in such a way that I enjoy the good things that life has to offer, AFTER you have worked hard for it. He has. Anyway, Mr.RR is in town for a few days so it was good to find out what he's been unto.

He is in town to take care of some charities he and his family have committed to. His is a wonderful story of a man who believes in giving back. He is in love with football, complete with a season ticket to Leeds and some interests in a few African football clubs.

So as I walked in to Art Cafe, the gentleman that he is, he left my name at the service table at the entrance to join him outside. And we had a great chat about his life and my life and how he has now decided to invest in at least one piece of property a year, across the world, he just bought a 'little piece' of land in Antigua.

He hands me a black card that reads this:

At the back of the card it says

" I have stolen your coffee mug. It is now mine. I have put it on display here As a restitution for my thievery, you are cordially invited to the mother of all coffee celebrations on the 14th of June 2014. It will change the way you think and feel about coffee"

So as I first do a double take about getting arrested for stealing a coffee mug, quickly get over it as we laugh and chat about his newest pet project, stealing coffee mugs.

Being the coffee lover that he is, he has decided to "steal" coffee mugs from anywhere and everywhere and post them in this tumbler space

He plans to 'steal 365 mugs' with an aim of creating a bit more love for coffee, all events lead to 14th June 2014, when the mugs will be up for sale, those that love and miss their mug can buy them back, and all the money will go to charity. I love the novelty of that idea, I guess no you'd understand why he's been my friend for a long time, very very inspiring!

PS. I could not use RR's name because he is doing this project incognito.


  1. I hope Mr. RR does not get caught for his mischief.

  2. Brilliant yet so simple. Sure makes me think that if I could appreciate more of the simple things in life I would find their true magnitude. Nice one Terryanne. I hope Mr. RR gets to steal my coffee mug!

  3. He he he... nice one Terry, i love coffee!

  4. LOL! I want to meet the mysterious RR of course safely away from my mugs although I would not mind attend the auction come 2014. Nice article Top Cat!

  5. That is one clever person, who wouldn't want to meet the "coffee thief". Hilarious!!

  6. Thanks for stopping by! I did enjoy that lunch quite a bit!

  7. RR stole my coffee mug and replaced it with a glass of Moet Rose....

  8. in 2013 RR stole my mug too and never wrote anything about it :(