Friday, May 30, 2014

The case of the toothbrush

I've become a sucker for toothbrushes recently. Let's see how the dictionary defines it

a small brush with a long handle, used for cleaning the teeth.

No big deal huh? Maybe not.

If you are a single person who just met a possible match, well, a toothbrush is a lot more than just, well, a brush with a handle used for cleaning teeth.

Let me explain.

Over a cup of tea with girlfriends last week, the case of the toothbrush made it into our monthly fix of girl gossip. It was a relief to learn that anyone who's in the dating market has experienced the case of the toothbrush, very much like the case of the ex, one that remains a grey area in a budding relationship.

So, let's say I met someone recently, a love interest that has caught my eye. Mr. Dark and Handsome cooks, opens doors and takes me for cheese cake and coffee in the suburbs and lovely English brunch at a posh cafe that has ducks floating about in the front water point that creates the perfect blend of love and happily ever after, much like the life of an expat wife who wakes up to make croissants for breakfast, has tea with her girlfriends and a spa date in the afternoon. I digress.

Anyway Mr. dark and handsome cooks, maybe, or has a chef that comes in once or twice a week and fills his fridge with food that makes me feel like enrolling into the Fairmont hotels cooking school (It doesn't exist but it should.) Being the gentleman that he is, he invites me over for lunch at his house.

Then there are 3 toothbrushes in his bathroom. One Blue and the other Pink, and maybe green.

But, Mr. dark and handsome lives alone.

Do you ask about the Pink toothbrush or assume one toothbrush would be too lonely to sit in the cup alone? Do you take a picture and whataspp it to your friends? Do you be a girl and automatically sulk and start looking for an earring or lady products in the bathroom? The toothbrush, I have learnt is and is not an indicator. It is a single cause of anxiety for thousands of single people out there.

What if he's just like every other human being who has a toothbrush or two in the bathroom that doesn't seem to belong to anyone in the house?

So, lets save the earth and dump the toothbrushes we don't need, in doing so, you will have played your role in not breaking hearts...

Disclaimer: Pictures are not mine. Mr. Dark and handsome may or may not exist, but he has a 5 star chef. Plus: I do not want to be an expat wife.


  1. Thankyou miss terry anne 4 coming to our rescue

  2. Hehehehehe Terry guilty as charged so far i have 5tooth brush and i stay alone